J.D. Vance dropped one brutal fact about green energy that left Democrats trembling in fear

Jun 19, 2024

J.D. Vance is ready to get on the offensive for the 2024 Election.

Now he is exposing the truth about Joe Biden’s extreme environmental agenda. 

And J.D. Vance dropped one brutal fact about green energy that left Democrats trembling in fear.

The White House and the Senate run through the industrial Midwest

The road to the White House runs through the crucial swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

All three of those states also have Senate races in seats that Democrats currently control.

Fellow midwestern state, Ohio, is also home to a key Senate race where U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is one of the most vulnerable Democrat incumbents this cycle.

U.S. Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) talked to Breitbart News about how Republicans retake the Senate, hold the House, and put former President Donald Trump back in the White House this November.

The Ohio lawmaker pointed to the Midwestern states as critical to Republicans this year.

“But especially on the Senate side and the Presidency, we really have to win a few critical states,” Vance said. “I think at the top of the list are Michigan and Pennsylvania. Both Senate races—really winnable Senate races in both states—but obviously those are two path to the Presidency states for Donald Trump. I think we do really well in Pennsylvania and really well in Michigan with regard to the Senate and the Presidency.”

Vance predicted the House elections would mirror the Presidential results at the top of the ticket. 

Trump has a narrow polling advantage against Biden but he warned against complacency for Republicans.

“I’d much rather be us than them,” Vance explained. “But I do worry a little bit about complacency. People are feeling like we’re ahead. The way to actually finish this thing is to run through the tape and chase as many ballots, harvest as many ballots legally of course, as we can. But look man, we’re in a really good spot.”

Trade and energy can give the GOP the edge in the Midwest

The midwestern swing states are the industrial heartland of the country.

Biden’s green energy agenda is poised to upend the automotive industry and American manufacturing.

“If you look in a lot of ways at what Biden has done on the green energy stuff, they’ve been doubling down on a lot of very stupid policies because where are all the minerals mined for the green energy economy?” Vance said. “They’re mined in China. Where are a lot of the components made? In China.”

Vance said that Republicans needed to go on the offensive, attacking Biden’s green energy agenda. 

“So Biden has really given us an opportunity here where he’s really invested in a globalist economy in the name of green energy,” Vance remarked. “But it’s been really bad for manufacturing workers in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, and in Wisconsin. So, we have to hammer as much as possible, we’ve got to make our own stuff and we’ve got to do it with American workers, with American hands.”

Biden’s green energy agenda gives Republicans an opening in the Midwestern states that will decide the Presidency.

Standing up for American jobs and manufacturing could flip the Senate and put Trump in the White House after Election Day.

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