Jack Smith slammed his fist in rage after he made the worst mistake of his life

May 14, 2024

Jack Smith is more than a little arrogant while serving as Joe Biden’s Special Prosecutor.

But his criminal case against Donald Trump is hanging by a thread after one shameless display.

And Jack Smith slammed his fist in rage after he made the worst mistake of his life.

Jack Smith busted tampering with evidence against Donald Trump

Special Counsel Jack Smith dropped a bombshell in a court filing as part of his bogus criminal case against former President Donald Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents.

His office admitted that it rearranged evidence that was taken during the FBI’s unannounced raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

And Smith admitted that his office previously lied about it to the court.

District Court Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, indefinitely postponed the classified documents case in order to work through pre-trial motions.

That means the case almost certainly won’t happen before the 2024 election.

Now the entire classified documents case could be thrown out because Smith tampered with evidence and admitted he lied about it.

Legal expert explains how Smith’s case could be over from his mistake

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett revealed how Smith’s classified documents case could get thrown out during an appearance on Fox Business.

He explained that tampering with evidence meant the case could be dismissed for “prosecutorial or government misconduct.”

“What you just described is planting evidence by government officials to falsely incriminate a target defendant and you know, Jack Smith is to blame for a lot of this,” Jarrett told host Larry Kudlow. “He got caught tampering with evidence, Larry.”

Smith’s office changed the order of the evidence when it made copies of it to send to the defense.

“The digital scan of the records doesn’t match the physical order of the boxes that were seized by the FBI,” Jarrett continued. “So, Smith was forced to admit to the court that evidence was altered, it was manipulated, he also admitted he misled the court, he deceived the judge. I don’t see a trial happening anytime soon if at all.”

There are many different avenues that Trump’s legal team can take to get the case dismissed.

“This case could be dismissed over what we’ve just described, prosecutorial and government misconduct,” Jarrett said. “It could be dismissed for selective prosecution, that’s a pending motion or it could be unlawful appointment of Smith himself, because Larry, he was never Senate-approved which the Special Counsel statute requires.”

Jarrett said that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was also watching his criminal case against Trump implode from his mistakes.

“These Democrat prosecutors threw a grenade on their own cases,” Jarrett explained. “The Alvin Bragg case yesterday in New York, it was so foolish for the prosecutors to call Stormy Daniels to the witness stand. Nothing she said is remotely relevant to the charges against Donald Trump.”

Daniels’ testimony opened the door for the Bragg case to be overturned on appeal because she gave inadmissible testimony.

“You know, she was just called there to slime Trump, to humiliate him with salacious stories,” Jarret added. “Her testimony was probative of nothing, it was highly prejudicial, which means under the rules of evidence, it’s inadmissible but you have got a biased judge who deliberately allowed it which creates reversible error.”

The lawfare against Donald Trump is in shambles due to several game-changing mistakes by Democrat prosecutors.

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