James Carville revealed one bad problem facing Joe Biden that has him worried sick

Jun 18, 2024

James Carville is starting to panic about Joe Biden’s chances of holding the White House.

One change in the political dynamics of 2024 could change the course of the race. 

And James Carville revealed one bad problem facing Joe Biden that has him worried sick.

Hispanic vote moving toward Donald Trump for 2024

The aftermath of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s overwhelming loss in the 2012 Election led the establishment to search for what went wrong.

One of the recommendations of the GOP autopsy in 2013 was to push for amnesty and shy away from border security to court Hispanic voters.

Former President Donald Trump ran a platform on strong border security and cracking down on illegal immigration in the 2016 Election en route to a victory where he performed better with Hispanic voters than Romney.

He gained more support from them in the 2020 Election making inroads in heavily Hispanic South Florida and South Texas along the Mexican border.

Trump flipped 93% Hispanic Zapata County, Texas, in 2020 to become the first Republican to win it since the 1920 Election. 

Now he’s poised to do even better in the 2024 Election. 

A New York Times/Siena poll found that Trump was leading President Joe Biden by five points in six swing states.

James Carville says Hispanic men are ditching Biden

Veteran Democrat strategist James Carville was on the On Brand with Donny Deutsch podcast where he hit the panic button over Hispanic voters.

He said that Democrats have a serious problem with men, which is causing black and Hispanic men to flee the party.

Carville knows how to read polls and interpret the trends.

The strategist warned that Democrats are becoming increasingly likely to “lose Hispanic males.”

“We have a huge male problem all across the board, but particularly — I hate this term but I’ll use it — ‘communities of color,’ as if all the people that are not white are the same. It’s stupid,” Carville stated.

Carville came under fire for a New York Times interview earlier this year where he noted that preachy women were driving men out of the Democrat Party.

“And I do think, and people got a little upset with me when I told The New York Times, I think Democratic culture has too many preachy females. It’s too much, ‘Don’t eat hamburgers, don’t watch football, wear a condom.’ Like, man, s***, leave me alone, okay? I’ve got a go****n life to lead,” Carville stated.

These scolding lectures from the highly educated, far-left women who are increasingly in charge of the party turn off blue-collar workers.

“You know, a guy works at a tire repair shop in suburban Atlanta, motherf***er’s working 50 hours a week, making $16.50 an hour, and he wants to watch the football game, and he wants to smoke dope and drink beer,” Carville said. 

“And then everybody’s telling him he’s slothful and they reject that s***,” Carville added. “I just think some of it is this cosmopolitan condensation, if you will. Like, you need to lead the kind of life we lead, not the kind of life you lead, and it pisses people off.”

Deutsch noted that this was driving voters from every background into Trump’s camp.

“We’re gonna lose Hispanic males,” Carville lamented.

Hispanic voters trending to Donald Trump could be crucial in flipping swing states like Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada this year.

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