James Comer demolished the media for this pathetic attempt to cover for Joe Biden

Nov 6, 2023

The media is trying to run damage control for Joe Biden’s growing scandals.

But they looked like utter fools trying to spin the latest bombshell against the President.

And James Comer demolished the media for this pathetic attempt to cover for Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden is feeling the heat after the latest bombshell revelation against him exposed by the House Oversight Committee’s investigation.

Bank records released by the Committee showed that Biden received a $40,000 check from his younger brother with money that originated from a Communist Chinese Party (CCP) linked company.

Joe Biden received a $40,000 check from his younger brother, James Biden, and his wife, Sara, to his personal account that was marked “loan repayment” in September of 2017.

The check was sent after Northern International Capital, a company connected to CEFC China Energy, sent $5 million to a company affiliated with Hunter Biden, which sent $150,000 to the Lion Hall Group, a company connected to James Biden.

Sara Biden then cut the $40,000 check to Joe less than a week later.

The check became the latest disturbing piece of evidence that the President profited from his family’s shady Chinese business deals.

The media was scrambling to protect Biden from the alarming evidence that the Chinese sent him money that was obscured by shell companies.

James Comer unloads on media for downplaying Joe Biden’s Chinese-funded payment

House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R-KY) is hot on the trail of the Biden crime family’s corruption with his investigation.

He slammed the media for trying to dismiss the $40,000 check to Joe Biden during an interview with Fox Business.

Reporters from CNN and other media outlets claimed that the money was simply Biden’s brother making good on backing a loan.

“The Democrats on the Oversight Committee called CNN and NBC into their office and said we have documents to prove this is a loan,” Comer said. “They came in there and showed them a copy of the check, the same one that Fox Business and Fox have shown on the screen and in the memo section it says loan repayment. They said, see, loan repayment, that’s evidence that it was a loan. And, you know, NBC and CNN, oh, well that is good enough for me. I mean, that’s how financially illiterate the reporters are with CNN and NBC.”

Comer explained why it didn’t matter whether the payment was actually for a loan made by Joe Biden to his brother.

“What I can tell you with confidence is that in both instances James Biden could not have paid Joe Biden that money were it not for the influence peddling scheme,” Comer remarked.

The House Oversight Chairman said that the $40,000 check was connected to a shady business deal that was mentioned on Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.”

“When I said the laptop was legitimate, they said it was Russian disinformation,” Comer said. “They said Joe Biden had never met with or spoke to any of these people that sent his family money, but through our seven-month investigation, we’ve proven that he met with and spoke with every single person. We’ve proven most of the money happened while Joe Biden was Vice President, we’ve proven that the Biden family got millions of dollars from China even when he lied to the American people in the Trump debate and said his family never took a penny from China.”

Joe Biden has been caught red-handed in one lie after another about his family’s influence peddling operation by the House Oversight Committee.

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