James Comer made one bold prediction that left the Biden crime family in a state of panic

Mar 1, 2023

The Biden crime family is on pins and needles over the investigation led by House Republicans.

One witness could be the smoking gun to their operation.

And James Comer made one bold prediction that left the Biden crime family in a state of panic.

Led by Representative James Comer (R-KY), the House Oversight Committee is trying to determine if President Joe Biden was compromised by Hunter’s shady foreign business deals.

Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, are lawyering up and refusing to cooperate with the Committee’s request for information.

They’re preparing to fight tooth and nail to keep from handing over any evidence to Comer.

The Biden crime family worked with a number of business partners on their deals in China and other countries that brought in millions of dollars.

Whether any of these business associates would flip on Hunter was one of the biggest questions surrounding Comer’s investigation.

Key Hunter Biden associate flips

Eric Schwerin served as the President of Rosemont Seneca Partners.

Rosemont Seneca Partners was a company co-founded by Hunter Biden that involved some of his biggest foreign business deals in China, Ukraine, and Russia.

During Joe Biden’s time as Vice President, Schwerin was a regular visitor with him and his staff.

Official visitor logs show he made at least 19 trips to the White House while Joe was Vice President.

Emails from Hunter’s infamous “laptop from hell” revealed that Schwerin served as a fixer for the Biden family and helped them handle their financial affairs.

He received Joe Biden’s tax refund check from Delaware and the two discussed the then-Vice President’s mortgage.

Now, a key player in the Biden crime family’s schemes is cooperating with James Comer in his investigation.

“He is cooperating with us,” Comer said of Schwerin. “His attorneys and my counsel are communicating on a regular basis. Now, I feel confident that he’s going to work with us and provide us with the information that we have requested.”

“I think that Schwerin is going to be a very valuable witness for us in this investigation,” Comer added.

He predicted that Schwerin could lead to other witnesses coming forward.

While the Bidens are stonewalling him, Comer has his biggest witness yet in the Biden crime family investigation.

Subpoenas coming for the Biden crime family

Comer said that subpoenas are coming for the Biden family after their refusal to cooperate.

“We know individuals, many are cooperating with us now, but others, not so much,” Comer said. “We’re going to start subpoenaing people in the private sector, we’re going to start subpoenaing financial institutions to get us the information, and then we’ll go from there.”

The Kentucky Republican said that Hunter Biden should welcome the opportunity to clear his name in front of the House Oversight Committee.

“He could come in front of the House Oversight Committee right now and defend his good name,” Comer said. “He would have 20 Democrats that would definitely support him, and he could make 26 Republicans look bad if all this information we have from his laptop, all the emails that were in his own words, all the audio that are in his own voice, if for some reason we’re misinterpreting that, then he could make us look bad.”

With a key business associate flipping on him, the walls are beginning to close in on Hunter Biden.

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