James Comer threatened one Joe Biden ally with jail time with this stunning demand

May 25, 2023

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R KY) is not messing around.

Comer’s investigation to determine if foreign countries compromised Joe Biden is nearing its biggest breakthrough yet.

And James Comer threatened one Joe Biden ally with jail time with this stunning demand.

Anti-conservative FBI Director Christopher Wray continues to stonewall the Oversight Committee’s subpoena for a document outlining allegations that Joe Biden took a bribe from a foreign national during his time as Barack Obama’s Vice President.

The House Oversight Committee posted a letter on Twitter warning Director Wray that if the FBI did not produce the document by May 30, then Comer would initiate a contempt of Congress vote against him and refer him to the Justice Department for prosecution.

The FBI has sat on this bombshell allegation against Joe Biden since June of 2020.

FBI officials covered up this knowledge, as opposed to how it made the investigation into the Russian-collusion hoax public, which smeared Donald Trump as an agent of Moscow and undermined his Presidency.

Hiding the Biden bribery allegation during the height of the Presidential race was the second time the Bureau interfered in the election to help Joe Biden.

That fall, the FBI warned Twitter and Facebook that Russia had planned a misinformation campaign against Hunter Biden.

Twitter and Facebook seized on those false claims as justification to censor the New York Post’s truthful reporting about the contents of Hunter’s laptop containing evidence of a Biden family influence peddling scheme and other alleged financial crimes.

A poll taken by the Media Research Center after the election found that one in six Biden voters would not have supported him had they known about his scandals.

With Biden gearing up for a re-election campaign, the FBI is dipping back into its well-worn playbook of covering up his scandals by concealing a document outlining allegations of criminal conduct by the President and his family members.

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