Jesse Watters was stunned when a former mob boss revealed this about Joe Biden

Aug 30, 2023

The Biden crime family used shell companies to conceal millions of dollars in dirty foreign money.

They never thought the dots would be connected. 

And Jesse Watters was stunned when a former mob boss revealed this about Joe Biden.

Former mob boss Michael Franzese served in New York’s notorious Colombo crime family before he was arrested and convicted of racketeering.

He appeared on Fox News and told host Jesse Watters that there are remarkable similarities between the crimes that landed him in prison while he was with the Mafia and what the Biden family has done for years.

The House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Biden family uncovered at least 20 shell companies they used to pass money through from foreign individuals.

Watters asked the former mobster how the racketeering case he was convicted for was similar to what the Biden family did to conceal money and avoid taxes.

“Well, Jesse, you know, I had 18 shell companies and when I say shell companies, all these companies had was a bank account,” Franzese said. “They had no brick-and-mortar office, we had no employees, we had no product that we were selling – nothing. All we did was collect money.”

Democrats and their media allies have tried to downplay the fact that Hunter Biden set up companies that had no apparent purpose other than receiving foreign money that was then transferred to his family.

“And the only purpose, again, for these companies was to collect that money, it’s exactly the same thing that I see going on with Biden and I’m wondering why they’re not asking certain questions,” Franzese continued. “What service did you provide? What product did you sell? Why were you collecting this money? I mean these are easy questions, but there don’t seem to be any answers to them.”

Democrats have tried to argue that no money has been found so far that went directly into President Joe Biden’s account.

According to Franzese, that was the point of what the Biden family was doing with their operation.

“He [Joe Biden] doesn’t want it, you know, attached to him in any way,” Franzese explained. “I didn’t put the money in my account. It went everywhere else and then I collected it in a different way.”

This is how the Biden crime family’s influence peddling scheme worked to try and keep Joe’s nose clean by hiding the millions paid to his family through a maze of phony companies. 

Hunter Biden complained that he was paying his father’s bills for 11 years in a text message uncovered on his laptop.

The former mobster said this was a “slam dunk” racketeering case against Joe Biden.

“So you have all of this, you have text messages, you have emails, you have photos, you have witnesses. This is a slam dunk RICO indictment,” Franzese said. “If this were one of my fellow associates on the street or myself, I’d have been indicted a long time ago.”

The Biden crime family was using Mafia tactics to conceal their dirty foreign money.

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