Jim Jordan made one bold move that left Merrick Garland trembling with fear

Apr 26, 2023

Attorney General Merrick Garland is trying to cover up his weaponization of the Justice Department.

But one sneaky scheme is coming back to haunt him.

And Jim Jordan made one bold move that left Merrick Garland trembling with fear.

The rot in the FBI runs deep under Attorney General Merrick Garland’s command.

The weaponization of the FBI and the blatantly political decisions by the agency’s leadership are causing rank-and-file agents to come forward as whistleblowers.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) have had scores of FBI whistleblowers reach out to their offices to expose gross misconduct in an agency that’s gone off the rails.

The FBI’s leadership is trying to keep a lid on the mounting scandals by retaliating against whistleblowers.

Whistleblowers who come forward to Congressional Republicans are having their security clearances revoked, which is a job requirement for being an FBI agent.

These agents have been handed indefinite suspensions for coming forward at the hands of FBI leadership.

The FBI is trying to purge conservative employees and intimidate anyone else thinking about coming forward and speaking out.

Jim Jordan has been trying to get the bottom of this retaliation against FBI whistleblowers.

But the Bureau is stonewalling him.

According to Jordan, Jennifer Leigh Moore, the FBI’s Executive Assistant Director of Human Resources, signed off on the decisions to suspend security clearances and retaliated against at least one agent.

The agent she allegedly retaliated against blew the whistle on the FBI’s targeting of parents who protested at school boards as domestic terrorists.

She refused to cooperate with Jordan’s investigation into the FBI with the House Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

Jim Jordan subpoenas rogue FBI leader for retaliation

Jordan hit Jennifer Leigh Moore with a subpoena to testify under oath before Congress.

“Today, Chairman Jordan issued a subpoena to Jennifer Leigh Moore, Executive Assistant Director of Human Resources at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, after she refused to answer questions during her transcribed interview about the FBI’s retaliation against brave whistleblowers who have come forward to raise concerns about abuses, they have seen at the Bureau,” Jordan spokesperson Russell Dye said.

Moore ducked multiple interview requests by Jordan.

Jordan’s spokesman revealed that Moore eventually sat down for an interview but refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Moore does not want Jordan to get to the bottom of the conservative purge at the FBI.

FBI officials ran cover for Moore by claiming that she could not answer specific questions in order to protect the privacy of the agents involved.

“She did not discuss the details of specific individuals whose cases are still under review to protect the integrity of the process and the privacy of the individuals,” the FBI said in a statement. “The FBI recognizes the importance of Congressional oversight and remains fully committed to cooperating with Congress’ oversight requests consistent with its Constitutional and statutory responsibilities.”

The FBI is trying to hide its political retaliation against agents who are exposing the widespread misconduct in the out-of-control Bureau.

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