Joe Biden begrudgingly admitted Donald Trump was right to lessen the blow from this major border catastrophe

May 12, 2023

Joe Biden’s approval rating has hit historic lows.

One reason is his catastrophic handling of the southern border.

And Joe Biden begrudgingly admitted Donald Trump was right to lessen the blow from this major border catastrophe.

Immediately upon taking office, President Joe Biden reversed many of former President Donald Trump’s effective border security policies.

However, reality always wins in the end.

Biden was forced to keep Title 42, a provision that allowed the United States to turn away illegal aliens due to the COVID pandemic, in place.

With Title 42 about to end, border officials are bracing for an unprecedented surge.

And in order to deal with the impending influx of people, the Biden regime quietly implemented a Trump immigration order that rejected asylum claims if illegal aliens fail to seek asylum in a safe harbor country before reaching the United States.

For instance, someone fleeing from Honduras in Central America must first seek asylum in Mexico before attempting to be granted asylum status in the United States.

During the 2020 Presidential campaign, President Biden sang a different tune.

In the midst of a debate, Biden slammed Trump for being “the first President in the history of the United States” to require that “anybody seeking asylum has to do it in another country.”

Now, Biden is doing the exact same thing.

And he’s also being attacked for it by the left-wing outrage mob.

“It is a profound shift for a Democratic president to implement a new ban on asylum-seekers,” Andrea Flores, a former Biden regime border official, said. “It’s evidence that the past decade of far-right attacks on Black and brown asylum seekers have significantly weakened the Democratic Party’s commitment to providing refuge to people fleeing persecution and torture.”

It has now become a “far-right” position to enforce immigration laws and secure the border.

Ironically, the Left once opposed illegal immigration on labor grounds.

“We will sue as we did under Trump,” Lee Gelernt, top immigration lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), promised. “The core illegality is the same.”

It’s amazing how many Democrat politicians and other ruling class elites are relentlessly pushing for porous borders, even in the face of the catastrophic Biden border crisis.

Since President Biden took office, border patrol agents have faced a record number of border encounters, and that does not even include unknown “got-aways.”

Some Democrat-controlled states got just a taste of the breadth of the Biden border crisis after a couple of Republican Governors put illegal aliens on buses to so-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions.

The problem will only get worse unless Democrat politicians acknowledge reality.

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