Joe Biden can’t believe which media outlet just told him not to run for re-election

Feb 13, 2023

Top name Democrats are waiting on pins and needles for a decision from President Joe Biden on his plans for 2024. 

The signs point to a re-election bid from Biden. 

But Biden can’t believe which media outlet just told him not to run for re-election. 

A 2020 rematch? 

Former President Donald Trump waited exactly one week following the 2022 Midterms to announce a third run at the White House. 

So far, the 45th President of the United States is the only announced candidate in the 2024 Presidential campaign for either party. 

But that could change soon. 

Many political insiders around the beltway believe President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address – perhaps the most chaotic in U.S. history – was an unofficial launch of his re-election campaign. 

However, President Biden’s approval numbers are still in the tank. 

In fact, the current RealClearPolitics average of polling has him sitting 10-points underwater. 

And surveys show Americans don’t want Biden to bother with a re-election bid. 

A CNBC All-America Economic Survey found 70% of voters hope Biden retires at the end of his current term – while only 19% have their fingers crossed hoping for an additional four-years of the Biden Administration. 

The fact is, not even Democrats want Biden to run again in 2024. 

The same poll found a majority of Democrat voters – 57% – say Biden should settle for a single term in the Oval Office. 

New York Times makes excuses for Biden 

But the good of the country has never been a determining factor for this President. 

However, Biden can’t be happy to see that his friends at The New York Times think about Biden at the top of the Democrat ticket in the next election cycle. 

NYT’s Michelle Goldberg released an opinion piece titled, “Biden’s a Great President. He Should Not Run Again,” where she tries her best to make the President look good, while keeping her party’s best hopes at retaining the White House in 2024 top of mind. 

“It’s hard to ignore the toll of Biden’s years, no matter how hard elected Democrats try,” Goldberg wrote. “In some ways, the more sympathetic you are to Biden, the harder it can be to watch him stumble over his words, a tendency that can’t be entirely explained by his stutter. [Sarah] Longwell said Democrats in her focus group talked about holding their breath every time he speaks. And while Biden was able to campaign virtually in 2020, in 2024 we will almost certainly be back to a grueling real-world campaign schedule, which he would have to power through while running the country. It’s a herculean task for a 60-year-old and a near impossible one for an octogenarian.”

Goldberg is using Biden’s age as an excuse to get him off the ticket. 

The opinion writer conveniently overlooked a recession, runaway inflation, record-high gas prices, surging crime rates, a crisis on the southern border, a fentanyl epidemic, indoctrination of children in government-run schools, a disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal – and a host of other Biden embarrassments in just two-years as Command-in-Chief.

Goldberg goes as far as saying Biden has a “successful record,” as President. 

But if that were true, wouldn’t she be advocating for more Biden, not less? 

If Biden is losing support from his favorite newspaper, it’s just a matter of time before more media outlets jump on the bandwagon and start looking for his heir apparent. 

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