Joe Biden declared war on Donald Trump with three simple words

May 13, 2024

Joe Biden showed it’s getting to be panic time in the 2024 election.

Biden is down in the polls, and his handlers called for an audible campaign strategy.

And now Joe Biden declared war on Donald Trump with three simple words.

Joe Biden wants to debate Donald Trump

Biden is now singing a different tune about debating Donald Trump.

Apparently, Biden can’t wait to get on stage with Trump.

“Set it up,” Biden told reporters at a White House ceremony honoring the WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces when asked if he would debate Trump.

Biden’s cognitive decline causes him to sometimes just say things.

But this is not one gaffe where Biden forgot that he was supposed to be opposed to debating Trump and just blurted out something.

That’s not what happened here.

During an interview with Howard Stern that took place in Stern’s New York City studio on April 26, Biden said he would debate Trump.

“I am, somewhere. I don’t know when,” Biden told Stern. “I’m happy to debate him.”

Trump responds

Trump has been taunting Biden for weeks with an offer to debate “anytime, anywhere, anyplace.”

When Trump heard that Biden finally took the bait, he posted on Truth Social that they could debate that day since they were both in New York.

“In the alternative, he’s in New York City today, although probably doesn’t know it, and so am I, stuck in one of the many Court cases that he instigated as ELECTION INTERFERENCE AGAINST A POLITICAL OPPONENT – A CONTINUING WITCH HUNT!” Trump wrote. “It’s the only way he thinks he can win. In fact, let’s do the Debate at the Courthouse tonight – on National Television, I’ll wait around!” 

Trump spoke to reporters after the day’s events in his kangaroo court wrapped up and doubled down by wryly suggesting they could do the debate at the White House.

“We’ll do it at the White House,” Trump stated. “That would be very comfortable, actually. You tell me where. We’re ready.”

“We’re ready, willing, and able. We don’t see him and I don’t think he’ll be here. Maybe next week he’ll do it,” Trump added.

But Trump did doubt that Biden would actually follow through.

“I doubt it,” Trump concluded. “But maybe next week.”

What changed

Biden previously refused to commit to debating Trump.

“Depends on his behavior,” Biden responded to a question about if he would commit to the traditional Presidential debates.

Biden’s handlers didn’t want him on stage for three 90-minute affairs.

That would give the expected TV audience of 80 million Americans a chance to have in their minds’ eye the lasting image of Biden as a senile old fool.

Polls changed the Biden camp’s tune.

Biden committing to debate came after swing state polls from The Hill/Emerson and Bloomberg/Morning Consult showed Trump running the table in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The losing candidate is always the one calling for debates.

And Biden’s handlers allowing him to come out of his shell and commit to a debate was the surest sign the internal campaign polls match the public surveys and show Trump winning.

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