Joe Biden didn’t want anyone to know this terrible secret about his green energy agenda

May 16, 2024

Joe Biden claims his ambitious green energy agenda will create American jobs and boost manufacturing. 

But it’s not the United States that’s going to be the big winner from his green revolution.

And Joe Biden didn’t want anyone to know this terrible secret about his green energy agenda.

Joe Biden boasts that green energy will create American jobs

President Joe Biden has spent more than $1 trillion on his Green New Deal policies since he took office.

Showering taxpayer money into green energy and electric vehicles was supposed to move their supply chain back to the United States from China.

Bank of America said that Biden’s signature Inflation Reduction Act “is not only working to strengthen supply chains, but also to boost domestic manufacturing and create new jobs.”

Now the truth is coming out about Biden’s failed green energy agenda.

Bloomberg reported that China is increasing its dominance over the United States despite the Inflation Reduction Act.

“There are fresh warning signs for American supply chains in solar, wind, and batteries,” Bloomberg reported.

China’s control over the supply chain grew in 12 key sectors for electric vehicles and green energy.

More than 80% of global manufacturing for the components of solar panels, wind turbines, and electric vehicles are under the control of the Chinese.

China controls 97% of solar wafer manufacturing, an essential component for the production of solar panels.

Biden has made boosting the green energy and electric vehicle supply chain the top priority of his administration.

And after spending a staggering amount of money, he has nothing to show for it.

That’s why his green energy agenda is increasingly relying on China to supply it.

Bloomberg’s report found that the United States has 0% of the global manufacturing capacity for over half of the components on its list.

China makes 80% of the world’s solar panels while America produces just 2%.

They manufacture nearly 66% of wind turbines and sell 60% of all electric vehicles globally.

And this dominance extends to the minerals needed to produce the key components.

Chinese companies have bought up minerals all over the world, especially in Africa, which is home to vast deposits of lithium, cobalt, and copper.

Biden is trying to give China control over American energy

The Heritage Foundation sounded the alarm on the danger of Chinese control over the green energy supply chain.

“Proponents of the radical climate change agenda are largely not considering China’s harmful role in it,” the report stated. “The more the United States pushes for green energies, the more it becomes reliant on China — our top adversary.”

America is a superpower in fossil fuels, but they’re being thrown to the wayside in the fight against climate change.

“For the political Left, the imperative to mitigate any effects of climate change necessitates both cheap and subsidized Chinese-manufactured infrastructure in the form of solar panels, wind turbines, grid storage, and electric vehicle (EV) batteries,” the report added.

Joe Biden has wasted one of the largest sums of money in human history to try and give China control over American energy.

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