Joe Biden faced this ultimatum to drop out so Michelle Obama can replace him

Jun 14, 2024

Joe Biden’s under assault and taking incoming from all sides.

Biden supporters are coming to the conclusion the race is at a fork in the road type moment.

And Joe Biden faced this ultimatum to drop out so Michelle Obama can replace him.

Speculation rises that Joe Biden will drop out of the Presidential race

Joe Biden is only the presumptive Democrat nominee for President.

Democrats aren’t locked in to Biden being the candidate until they officially nominate him at their convention in Chicago, which runs from August 19 to the 22. 

Anxiety is rising on the Left as the polling data in the wake of Trump’s conviction shows the guilty verdict hasn’t shifted the race.

Marist’s latest poll of Pennsylvania showed Trump up by two points.

An AARP survey of Arizona found Trump leading Biden by six.

National polls from Cygnal and the Economist/YouGov both had Trump leading Biden by two nationally.

Congressman Andy Ogles (R-TN) told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo that these poor poll numbers, combined with the fact that the convention is in her hometown of Chicago, created the circumstances for Democrats to pull a switcher-roo and sub in Michelle Obama as the nominee.

“That being said, I think it also creates an opening for Democrats like Michelle Obama in here. The Biden family can say, ‘Hey, we’re going to take care of our house, we’re going to take care of our son,’ and then allow Michelle Obama to come in and run,” Ogles stated.

“Because again, Joe Biden can’t win this election, and they know that they are desperate for another candidate,” Ogles continued.

Biden supporters also call for a change

It’s not just Republicans speculating that Democrats will make a change.

Biden’s supporters are also openly wondering if it’s wise to continue on with Biden as the candidate.

The more videos like the one from a White House Juneteenth celebration that show Biden stuck in a vegetative state, the more Biden’s chances of a comeback diminish. 

Polling analyst Nate Silver pointed to Biden’s historically low approval ratings as being the impetus for Democrats to replace him as the candidate.

“Biden just hit a new all-time low in approval (37.4%) at 538 yesterday. Dropping out would be a big risk. But there’s some threshold below which continuing to run is a bigger risk,” Silver posted on social media.

“Are we there yet? I don’t know. But it’s more than fair to ask,” Silver added.

“What’s clearer IMO is that Democrats would have been better served if Biden had decided a year ago not to seek a second term, which would have allowed them to have some semblance of a primary process and give voters a say among the many popular Democrats across the country,” Silver concluded.

Never-Trump New York Times columnist Bret Stephens – who supports Biden – also begged Biden to drop out of the race in his most recent piece.

“Biden is sleepwalking to defeat against a felonious adversary who three years ago incited violence to overturn an election,” Stephens wrote.

“It all leaves the president with one option that can be a win for America and, ultimately, his place in history,” Stephens added.

Stephens floated Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer or Pennsylvania Governor Josh Stein as capable replacements. 

“He can still choose not to run, to cede the field to a Democrat who can win — paging Josh Shapiro or Gretchen Whitmer — and do the hard and brave things it will take to secure security and peace for the free world,” Stephens continued.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are getting worse and not better.

Trump’s conviction didn’t change the trajectory of the race.

And the level of panic on the Left and the volume of calls for Biden to drop out are going to increase – especially if Biden bombs in the June 27 debate.

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