Joe Biden got the shock of his life when these swing state poll numbers rolled in

Mar 15, 2024

Democrats are hoping Joe Biden can stage a comeback in the 2024 Presidential election.

Biden and his allies thought they changed their fortunes with the State of the Union Address.

And then Joe Biden got the shock of his life when these swing state poll numbers rolled in.

Media lavishes praise on Joe Biden for his State of the Union speech 

Heading into the State of the Union, the narrative surrounding Joe Biden was that he was too old and senile to wage an effective campaign.

Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report that Biden was mentally enfeebled and thus a jury would never convict him of stealing classified documents had Democrats on edge.

Biden tried to silence the doubters with a State of the Union speech where he shouted at the American people to try and show that he possessed the energy for the job.

Once the speech was over, the press lined up to praise their “dear leader” like they do in North Korea.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough led the way by comparing the punch Biden packed to that of legendary heavyweight champion Joe Frazier.

“Well, I mean, he had a pulse? He had [Joe Frazier’s] left hook. I mean, I have never seen… And part of this is delivery. Part of it is speechwriting. Part of it is setting up the argument for the fall. I’ve sat through a lot of these. And I have never seen one side put in so many uncomfortable positions as the Republicans were last night. Because they were on the wrong side of history, they were on the wrong side of the polls, they were on the wrong side of politics. They were on the wrong side of decency,” he said.

Comparisons to Harry Truman arise 

Scarborough absurdly compared Biden’s deranged delivery to the famous “give ‘em hell Harry” campaign by President Harry Truman when he came from behind to defeat Republican challenger Thomas Dewey in 1984.

“This was a tour de force by Joe Biden. And yet Peggy Noonan last week called him “cranky old Joe” after his angry press conference, who last night, Michael Beschloss likened him to Harry Truman. And there was a real ‘Give ’em hell, Harry’ part of this. But what really completed it was, it was ‘Give ’em hell, Harry’ meets Ronald Reagan’s ‘a city shining brightly on the hill for all the world to see.’ When he says, you know, he’s been around a long time. He’s been called too young. He’s been called too old. But listen to this: But I know what endures. I can see our North Star, that we are all created equal. And we have never reached. We have never reached that goal. But that doesn’t mean we don’t give up trying,” Scarborough added.

Polls show more bad news for Democrats 

But the media gaslighting couldn’t change the reality on the ground.

No matter how loudly Biden yelled at the American people, it couldn’t change the fact that voters view him as a failed President.

Fox News polls taken in the critical swing states of Pennsylvania and Arizona showed Trump leading Biden in both battlegrounds.

Biden opened up the border to more than seven million illegal aliens.

With instability in Haiti, there are fears Biden is getting ready to import another flood of refugees, and this latest crop will include cannibal gangs.

Prices are up nearly 20 percent since Biden took office, thanks to his trillions of dollars in socialist spending.

Joe Biden didn’t have a style issue.

Biden’s problem is that voters reject his agenda, and the State of the Union did nothing to change anyone’s mind.

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