Joe Biden had one secret meeting that could cost him the 2024 election

Oct 31, 2023

Joe Biden is already facing dire poll numbers.

Donald Trump leads Biden both nationally and in the key swing states.

And now Joe Biden had one secret meeting that could cost him the 2024 election.

The October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks drove a wedge through the Democrat Party coalition.

The Democrats’ activist base resolutely supports Hamas and condemns Israel’s military operation to allegedly destroy the group.

But the broader American electorate sympathizes with Israel’s plight.

Making matters worse for Biden is the fact that Muslim voters make up a critical voting block in Michigan, and Muslim Americans were furious that he initially came out strongly in favor of Israel and said he had “no confidence” in the casualty figures Hamas pumped out to western media.

There is good reason not to believe Hamas’ figures.

Hamas is a combatant group who knows that claiming Israel and wantonly slaughtering civilians in Gaza is one way to bring international pressure on them to cease its military operation.

Biden can’t afford to have any sliver of the Democrat Party coalition stay home on Election Day next year.

That’s why Biden held an Oval Office meeting with prominent Muslim political leaders to show them he wasn’t straying too far from the Democrat Party base on his issue.

“I said this while sitting a few inches away from him, that I know I’m talking to a person who has shown profound capacity for human empathy and suffering,” founder of the Inner City Muslim Action Network Rami Nashashibi said of his meeting with Biden. “And yet, the way his comments have been interpreted, not just in the United States but across the globe, as recently as that moment he got up on a mic and started to question the body count, was perceived by so many as gut-wrenchingly painful. Literally, I know people who felt like they had just been hit in the gut watching that.”

The main issue the Muslim leaders impressed on Biden was a cease-fire.

“The participants were very clear, very forthright in calling for a cease-fire, telling the President that this is a matter of saving lives and also avoiding escalation,” a second attendee told POLITICO. “More violence is not going to solve this problem. All it’s going to do is kill more people.”

Biden took up that request and urged Israel to pause operations so humanitarian aid can make its way into Gaza.

Biden also proposed $100 million in taxpayer money for Gaza.

The problem with a cease-fire so taxpayer money can flow into Gaza is that it allegedly benefits Hamas.

Halting military operations will allow Hamas to seize the money and supplies to use for their own war efforts against Israel.

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