Joe Biden hit the panic button when House Republicans uncovered evidence of his family’s Global Web of corruption and crime

May 26, 2023

Democrats have been trying to destroy Donald Trump for years with phony accusations and bogus charges.

Meanwhile, they’re trying to cover up their own major scandals lurking in the background.

But, Joe Biden hit the panic button when House Republicans uncovered evidence of his family’s Global Web of corruption and crime.

House Republicans are claiming they will dig deeper into what many experts say is an alleged criminal enterprise involving Joe Biden and his family.

Selling access to ‘the Big Guy’

According to Republican members of the House Government Oversight Committee, they have uncovered a global pay-to-play scheme that sold access to Joe Biden for profit.

The GOP leaders said they have the evidence to prove Biden family members enriched themselves at the expense of taxpayers and American national interests.

These House Republicans recently laid out what certainly appears to be a global web of Biden family influence peddling.

It was all laid out in a 36-page memorandum that shows how foreign businessmen sent millions of dollars in wire transfers to numerous companies that then transferred the money to the bank accounts of at least nine Biden family members.

Even more concerning is that most of the money came from Communist China.

“Biden associate Rob Walker used his company to funnel money from the Chinese to various Biden family members,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said.

Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) said the only logical conclusion of a financial professional is that the Biden family concealed money.

Concealing money from the IRS

“Let me restate this. You are concealing money from either the IRS or from credit agencies or from other people in general. That’s the only reason you set up a structure like this,” Donalds explained.

Former Assistant Federal Prosecutor John O’Connor said everything found so far points to criminal behavior.

“And I think there’s plenty there, in my view, to show number one, money laundering and what they call structuring, having different devices intended to fool the authorities as to what was happening in a corrupt transaction,” O’Connor stated.

“Every time we turn over a rock, there’s more information, there’s more possible corruption, there’s more possible allegations that need to be investigated,” Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) added.

House Republicans said that the FBI is not cooperating with the investigation.

In fact, the FBI is refusing to answer a subpoena demanding a key document in the investigation into Joe Biden’s influence peddling operation.

The Bureau claims that turning over the document would harm confidential sources and information.

Oversight Committee members have also received allegations from an IRS whistleblower that the entire team investigating Hunter Biden for tax evasion has been disbanded.

A massacre of the criminal justice system

“This is a massacre, but it’s done by stealth and by poisoning,” O’Connor said. “And nobody was supposed to know about this. And it really is very bothersome. That’s another thing that I think is well within the Congressional purview to investigate, because that itself is a form of obstruction of justice.”

Now that the FBI is refusing the subpoena and the IRS is covering its tracks, it is up to House Republicans to take action.

At minimum, O’Connor believes charges should be brought against Hunter Biden for not registering as a foreign agent.

“If Joe Biden knew this and participated in the scheme for his son to act as an unregistered foreign agent, corruptly or otherwise, just as an unregistered foreign agent. That puts him as potentially in the line of fire here,” he explained.

O’Connor also believes a Special Counsel should be appointed immediately.

“There’s clear evidence of a conflict because, after all, Joe Biden’s the boss of Merrick Garland. So, you have to appoint one,” O’Connor said.

A Harvard University poll found 67% of American adults believe Joe Biden should be impeached if Hunter Biden sold access to him during his time as Vice President.

So far, House Republicans are alone in this effort, as Democrats and almost all of the media either deny or ignore the Committee’s findings.

It is time for Comer and other House GOP leaders to stop talking and take action.

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