Joe Biden is about to make one 2024 announcement that no one saw coming

Feb 24, 2023

It was assumed by all of Washington, D.C. that Joe Biden was running for re-election in 2024.

But that may not be the case.

And Joe Biden is about to make one 2024 announcement that no one saw coming.

Joe Biden was supposed to announce his re-election campaign shortly after Donald Trump.

That timeline slipped into January and then got pushed back to February.

And now Bidenworld is talking about an April launch date.

The indecision on Biden’s part is leading to increased chatter within his inner circle that he will end up becoming the first President since LBJ in 1968 not to seek re-election.

POLITICO reports:

But even that target is less than definitive. People in the president’s orbit say there is no hard deadline or formal process in place for arriving at a launch date decision. According to four people familiar with the president’s thinking, a final call has been pushed aside as real-world events intervene. His cloak-and-dagger trip to Kyiv over the holiday weekend took meticulous planning and the positive reaction to it was seen internally as providing him with more runway to turn back to domestic politics.

A source close to Biden told POLITICO that it will only get harder for him to make a decision the longer he stays out of the race.

“An inertia has set in,” the source explained. “It’s not that he won’t run, and the assumption is that he will. But nothing is decided. And it won’t be decided until it is.”

Biden’s reluctance to enter the race has real world consequences for Democrats.

Other 2024 contenders cannot staff up or begin fundraising until Biden makes a decision.

And if Biden delays a re-election decision until the summer, it makes it more difficult for Democrats to build out the type of campaign necessary to win the nomination.

Some in the Party worry that could hand the nomination to a surefire loser like Kamala Harris. 

“Obviously, it creates doubts and problems if he waits and waits and waits,” Democratstrategist Mark Longabaugh explained to POLITICO. “But if he were to somehow not declare ‘til June or something, I think some people would be stomping around.”

“There would be a lot of negative conversation … among Democratic elites, and I just think that would force them to ultimately have to make a decision,” Longabaugh continued. “I just don’t think he can dance around until sometime in the summer.”

All of Washington, D.C. believes Biden will run because the Democrat Party has no other choice.

An open Primary would be a disaster.

However, handing the nomination to Harris would also spell doom in November and taking it from her would tear the Party apart since the woke base would react in horror to sidelining the first female black Vice President.

But the longer Biden takes to decide, the more doubt and panic will creep into the minds of Democrats.

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