Joe Biden is about to start World War III with this insane decision

Feb 10, 2023

Under Joe Biden the world is on fire.


And now Joe Biden is about to start World War III with this insane decision.

President Joe Biden continues to escalate his proxy war with Russia in Ukraine to dangerous levels.

Biden claims the U.S. and NATO are not at war with Russia over Ukraine.

But after Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, President Biden has gone far beyond simply providing defensive weaponry.

From the outset, Biden claimed he would not involve U.S. troops in this war, but Americans now know that is a lie.

The latest step up the escalation ladder was revealed by The Washington Post, which reported that the Ukrainians are carrying out missile strikes against Russia with U.S. troops in European bases providing target coordinates to help.

“Ukrainian officials said they require coordinates provided or confirmed by the United States and its allies for the vast majority of strikes using its advanced U.S.-provided rocket systems, a previously undisclosed practice that reveals a deeper and more operationally active role for the Pentagon in the war,” The Washington Post reported. “The disclosure, confirmed by three senior Ukrainian officials and a senior U.S. official, comes after months of Kyiv’s forces pounding Russian targets — including headquarters, ammunition depots and barracks — on Ukrainian soil with the U.S.-provided High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, or HIMARS, and other similar precision-guided weapons such as the M270 multiple-launch rocket system.”

“One senior Ukrainian official said Ukrainian forces almost never launch the advanced weapons without specific coordinates provided by U.S. military personnel from a base elsewhere in Europe,” the report continued. “Ukrainian officials say this process should give Washington confidence about providing Kyiv with longer-range weapons.”

The point of this story was to provide propaganda for the Ukrainian war effort in order to goad President Biden and Democrats into sending the nation longer range missile systems that can strike into Russian-annexed regions, like Crimea, or even Russia itself.

At some point, Putin and his generals are going to believe they are not at war with Ukraine, but with the United States and NATO, which could lead to a conflict that uncontrollably spirals into nuclear Armageddon.

That’s why in an interview with Right Side Broadcasting, Trump explained that this was dangerous, and needed to end immediately – something the former President claimed he could do within 24 hours.

“It can be negotiated within 24 hours,” Trump claimed. “It has to be done from the office of the president, and you have to get them both in a room, and there are things you can say to each one of them — which I won’t reveal now — which will guarantee this war will end immediately. They have to do it.”

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