Joe Biden is sweating bullets over this catastrophic failure at the border

Mar 16, 2023

The southern border is engulfed in chaos under Joe Biden.

This situation is spiraling out-of-control after this one recent disaster.

And Joe Biden is sweating bullets over this catastrophic failure at the border.

The southern border is facing a full-scale invasion by illegal aliens under President Joe Biden.

Over six-million illegal aliens have entered the country since he occupied the White House, which is more than the population of Missouri.

The border city of El Paso, Texas, is one of the hardest hit towns during the Biden border crisis.

The city is being overwhelmed by as many as a thousand illegal aliens each day.

Biden visited El Paso in January for a photo op and to give the appearance that he is concerned about the border crisis he created.

Hordes of illegal aliens try to overwhelm Border Patrol in El Paso

El Paso was the site of one of the most shocking scenes yet during the Biden border crisis.

More than a 1,000 illegal aliens, mostly Venezuelan, tried to rush a bridge connecting El Paso and the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez.

The Border Patrol deployed crowd control measures to hold back the swarm from crossing into the country.

Mexican media reported that the stampede started because of a rumor that the border was being opened to give them asylum.

Later, heavily-armed members of the Mexican military amassed on their side of the bridge to prevent another horde of illegal aliens from trying to rush it.

Two other bridges leading into El Paso had to use “port hardening measures” because of “a potential threat to make a mass entry” after crowds of illegal aliens began to gather.

The crisis at the border is getting worse and illegal aliens are becoming increasingly emboldened about trying to break into the United States.

Texas Republicans outraged after latest border failure

After the disturbing attempt by illegal aliens to swarm the bridge in El Paso, Republicans slammed Joe Biden for the consequences of his border blunder.

Representative August Pfluger (R-TX) said that he unloaded on Biden for not addressing the national security posed by the border crisis.

“In what world do 1,000 foreign nationals rushing the sovereign border not catch the eye of the President of the United States as a national security threat?” Pfluger said. “Republicans are pleading with Biden and Mayorkas to work with us to secure the border.”

Representative Troy Nehls (R-TX) is a former sheriff and a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump’s border security policies.

“How can anyone watch those videos without thinking there’s a full-blown invasion at our southern border?” Nehls told Fox News. “In the 20-second video Bill Melugin posted, I didn’t see many families storming the border. I saw military-aged males trying to cross into the United States illegally. With a complete disregard for our laws, what makes anyone think they’ll follow the law once they’re here in America?”

Joe Biden is rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens and fueling the chaos engulfing the southern border.

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