Joe Biden just got body slammed by the Supreme Court with these three words

Dec 2, 2022

Joe Biden had a rough day in court.

Judges were not happy with his lawless regime’s conduct.

And Joe Biden just got body slammed by the Supreme Court with these three words.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in an immigration case brought by the states of Texas and Louisiana against the Biden regime.

Texas and Louisiana sued over a 2021 memo from Biden Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recommending law enforcement not automatically deport illegal aliens arrested for specified crimes under the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act.

The case hinged on the fact that the law says the government “shall” remove anyone arrested for a set of crimes laid out in the law – the Biden regime believed the word gives them the discretion to decide which illegal alien criminals are removed from the country, while the states believed the law doesn’t permit such discretion.

The Biden regime’s argument was weak to say the least, though, as center-left Chief Justice John Roberts even expressed skepticism at this argument. 

“Shall means shall,” Roberts stated. “Shouldn’t we just say what we think the law is.”

The Court’s conservative majority appeared ready to affirm a lower court’s ruling, which blocked the regime from picking and choosing which criminal illegal aliens it deports.

“Using the words ‘discretion’ and ‘prioritization’ the Executive Branch claims the authority to suspend statutory mandates,” Judge Drew Tipton, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, wrote. “The law does not sanction this approach.”

Former Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller, who is now president of the America First Legal Foundation, ripped the Biden regime for refusing to enforce immigration laws during an appearance on Fox News.

“What this President has done is he has turned Congress into a mere suggestion box,” Miller stated.

“The entire Immigration and Nationality Act, which governs who can enter our country, how you apply for a visa, what rules you have to comply with, where you have to apply from — that entire system has been rubbished and trashed by this president as though he were an emperor,” he continued. “And so, it is completely impeachable.”

Miller added that his organization has already joined a number of lawsuits that forced President Biden and his regime to back down on several aspects of Democrats’ open borders agenda.

“My organization has been involved in a number of lawsuits against his policies, and in each of those lawsuits, we lay out how he has violated the clear command of Congress and the clear command of the Constitution,” Miller added.

The vast majority of Americans support the deportation of criminal illegal aliens.

That the Biden regime rejects this consensus shows just how out of touch Democrats are on immigration policy.

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