Joe Biden looked like a fool trying to defend this electric vehicle disaster

Nov 16, 2023

Joe Biden is desperately trying to sell drivers on switching to electric vehicles.

The public isn’t buying what he’s selling.

And Joe Biden looked like a fool trying to defend this electric vehicle disaster.

President Joe Biden is trying to lure drivers into switching to electric vehicles with record tax incentives.

The Biden regime’s goal is to have half of all new vehicle sales be electric by 2030 by using heavy-handed government mandates.

Electric vehicles are being touted as the future of the “great American road trip” by the President, but consumers are giving him the cold shoulder.

The electric vehicle market is in a state of collapse due to weak consumer demand.

Rising interest rates on auto loans and high sticker prices are causing these expensive, impractical vehicles to pile up unsold on dealership lots in record numbers.

Major automakers are beginning to scale back their investments in going electric, leaving its future in doubt.

The Biden regime is scrambling to defend its electric vehicle mandate after showering the industry with hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Energy Department does a shameless spin job on electric vehicle sales

The Department of Energy countered the avalanche of bad news coming out about electric vehicles with a list of talking points that shot down what they claimed were “myths” about the industry.

The talking points claimed that electric vehicle sales weren’t down and that consumer interest wasn’t fading in electric vehicles.

The Energy Department also claimed, without any shred of credible evidence, that electric vehicles are “affordable” compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts.

The bad news about the direction of the electric vehicle industry is piling up with no end in sight.

The Biden regime is desperate to defend its foley, no matter how absurd it makes them look.

Industry experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the President has missed the boat with his regime’s lame defense of electric vehicles.

Experts point out the big problems plaguing the electric vehicle industry

Institute for Energy Research senior research fellow Dan Kish said that the more drivers learn about electric vehicles, the less they like them.

“The truth is, familiarity with EVs seems to breed contempt, with most people having them as second, third or fourth vehicles so they will have something reliable,” Kish said. “Since most of the buyers are wealthy, they’re the people who can afford EVs, unlike regular Americans who can no longer afford to buy a car, period, under Bidenomics.”

Electric vehicles have become a secondary option for wealthy Democrats to signal their support for extreme environmentalism.

Energy industry consultant David Blackmon said that the adoption of electric vehicles isn’t matching the Biden regime’s wildly optimistic projections.

He added that automakers are being forced to face the painful reality about the demand for electric vehicles by scaling back production or canceling model lines.

Ford and General Motors pointed to plummeting consumer demand when they announced plans to cut back on their investments in the industry. 

Joe Biden’s dream of an electric future for vehicles isn’t surviving its first contact with reality.

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