Joe Biden promised this awful attack on freedom if he wins re-election

Apr 12, 2024

Joe Biden isn’t messing around.

A second Biden term would see him wage an all-out war on the Constitution.

And Joe Biden promised this awful attack on freedom if he wins re-election.

Joe Biden promises to ban and confiscate guns in a second term 

Biden told Univision’s Enrique Acevedo that he strongly supported banning so-called “assault weapons” as well as so-called “high capacity” magazines.

Biden also falsely claimed that there is no background check system for firearm purchases in America and attacked Donald Trump for telling attendees at the National Rifle Association convention that he won’t come after their guns.

“Absolutely. Look, I, along with Dianne Feinstein, passed the first limitation on assault weapons and the number of bullets that could be in a rifle. The idea that anybody needs 100 rounds in a rifle, in an AR-15, I was out in Uvalde. I met with every one of those families. I spent four hours with them. I looked at the pain in their faces. I saw what they felt. I could feel it. And the idea that — and his phrase [in] another context where there was a mass shooting, I think it was in El Paso, he said — they said, what to do about it, and he said, just get over it, you’ve got to get over it, the idea we don’t have background checks for anybody purchasing a weapon, the idea that we’re going to be in a position where he says that — he famously told the NRA that, don’t worry, no one’s going to touch your guns if I — from the very beginning, I used to teach the Second Amendment in law school, from the very beginning, there were limitations,” Biden stated.

Biden lies about the Second Amendment 

Biden claimed that he taught the Second Amendment in law school.

If that is actually true – Biden has lied about every aspect of his biography at one time or another – then it explains why so many lawyers don’t understand the right to keep and bear arms.

Biden repeated his false claim that the founders banned Americans from owning a cannon when there were no such laws on the books.

But there were statutes allowing Americans to own a cannon for privately-owned ships during war time.

And if he wins re-election, Biden assured Acevedo that his administration would “eliminate” firearms.

“You couldn’t own a cannon. You couldn’t — you could own a rifle or a gun, but there were certain things you couldn’t do. They weren’t weapons of war. And so, look, we passed the first major gun legislation in over 30 years when we passed the law that we recently passed that outlawed weapons that are made that you can’t trace and so on and so forth. And — but it’s not enough. I think we have to do more, and I am absolutely committed. And I’ve asked the Congress, and if I get a Congress and get re-elected, we’re going to do it again. We’re going to make sure we eliminate these weapons,” Biden concluded.

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