Joe Biden responded with four words about his dismal approval ratings that put jaws on the floor

Feb 10, 2023

Joe Biden is one of the most unpopular Presidents in the history of polling.

One recent NBC poll showed 71% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track.

But Joe Biden responded with four words about his dismal approval ratings that put jaws on the floor.

The latest polls show the majority of Americans, including a majority of Democrats, are opposed to President Joe Biden seeking a second term in 2024 due to his old age.

But aside from his age and declining mental faculties, Biden’s approval ratings are also in the tank.

During an interview Wednesday on PBS NewsHour, host Judy Woodruff asked President Biden about his dismal approval ratings.

“When you mention the polls, when you look at the polls, a CBS poll showed 64% of Americans think the economy’s in bad shape,” Woodruff said. “There’s an NBC poll, 71% think the country’s on the wrong track,” she continued, before asking Biden “why the disconnect?”

Instead of trying to spin the polls to his favor like politicians usually do, Biden responded that “the polls don’t matter anymore.”

“Because the polls don’t matter anymore,” Biden claimed. “You’ve got to make, what, 40 or 50 calls on a cell phone to get someone to answer a poll.” 

“Even the pollsters — you’ve talked to them,” he continued. “Ask them what they think about this sort of thing.”

But Woodruff pressed the President to clarify if he really believed the polls were wrong, or if the American people just don’t like his policies.

“So you don’t think it’s your policy?” she asked.

Biden then claimed that the American people support his policies, but that Democrats’ lapdog media allies misrepresent them and only report on negative things.

“By the way, if you ask the same thing, do they support rebuilding infrastructure in America?” Biden said, essentially blaming the wording of the polls for his dismal ratings.

Biden admitted that “people went through hell the last several years.”

But he refused to accept any of the blame for the “hell” the American people have been through under his failed leadership.

“And so, every time you turn on the news, are any of you reporting any positive news?” Biden said. “You turn on the television and everything’s down,” he continued, before adding, “and so, people, understandably, are down.”

President Biden is refusing to face the reality that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction under his regime.

Even a majority of Democrats want Biden to step aside in 2024 because of his age and declining mental faculties.

But right now, Joe Biden seems determined to run for re-election, even if his approval ratings are in the tank and his own Party is turning on him.

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