Joe Biden said one word that will guarantee his defeat in 2024

Sep 15, 2023

Joe Biden may be walking into a buzzsaw.

But it’s a trap of his own making.

And Joe Biden said one word that will guarantee his defeat in 2024.

With polls showing Donald Trump in a strong position to defeat him, Axios reports that Joe Biden is pivoting on his re-election campaign message.

After initially leaning into the “Bidenomics” phrase, Biden now plans to assail Trump and Congressional Republicans for supporting “MAGAnomics.”

“President Biden initially resisted the term ‘Bidenomics’ — until he embraced it to tout his economic record. Now he’s trying to stick a label on Republicans — ‘MAGAnomics’ — to accuse them of plotting an assault on Medicare, Social Security, and the middle class,” Axios reported.

“At a time when the GOP is mired in Congressional dysfunction and former President Trump’s legal troubles, Biden’s team wants to define the Republicans’ agenda for them — and rebrand MAGAnomics, a term Trump’s White House initially coined,” Axios also reported.

But this may be another disastrous miscalculation on Biden’s part.

A poll from Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School and USA TODAY showed that inflation is the top concern for voters, as more Americans trust Donald Trump to handle the problem than Joe Biden.

“And more Americans said they trust Trump, the 2024 Republican primary front-runner, than Biden to make the economy better by a 47%-36% margin. The spread is 46%-26% in Trump’s favor among Independent voters,” USA Today reported.

The mood among voters about the economy under Biden was sour, with the negative feelings driven by inflation.

“Seventy-six percent of independents and even 34% of Democrats said the economy is getting worse,” USA Today also reported.

“Eighty-four percent of Americans say their cost of living is rising, and food and groceries is the top concern,” the USA Today report continued.

Joe Biden making the election a referendum on “Bidenomics” versus “MAGAnomics” could be another doomed messaging strategy.

Inflation was 1.4 percent when Donald Trump left office.

Gas prices were $2.39 per gallon.

Under Joe Biden, inflation peaked at 9.1 percent last year, and gas prices surged to over $5 per gallon.

Americans remember what life and the economy was like under Donald Trump, which is why the USA Today/Suffolk poll shows voters trust him to get a handle on the economy more than Joe Biden.

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