Joe Biden shocked reporters as he made one statement that has everyone questioning his competency

Jan 16, 2023

Incompetency and feebleness are the last things you want to put forward to the world if you’re President of the United States. 

But here we are with Joe Biden who is one unlocked door away from the White House issuing an elder alert. 

And Joe Biden shocked reporters as he made one statement that has everyone questioning his competency. 

Like it or not, being President of the United States puts you in a position to influence world events like no one else on this earth. 

America is only as strong as its President

The vast majority of nations in this world look to the United States for guidance and direction, which is supposed to come from the President as they are the main ambassador for America. 

So you would hope that if you are President of the United States, you are a competent leader who is able to put together logical thoughts and sentences. 

And in the past we have had great men who have been bestowed the office of the Presidency like George Washington who set the standard, Abraham Lincoln, Herbert Hoover, and Ronald Reagan. 

But here we are in 2023 as we watch our society collapse around us and we literally have a nursing home runaway sitting in the Oval Office as President of the United States. 

It’s, in all honesty, a scary thought. 

But here we are with Biden and we just can’t catch a break from his endless gaffes. 

Just look back at his cringy gaffes over the past two years. 

Joe Biden has claimed that there are 54 states. 

He has claimed that he awarded his uncle the Purple Heart even though there is no record of that ever happening. 

The man has a really weird and borderline perverted side as he is always gawking at little girls saying things that would anger any father. 

But of all his gaffes recently, all of them pale in comparison compared to what he just did.

Biden meets a foreign security force: the Salvation Army

While Biden was getting a tour of empty streets and parking lots in El Paso, the President stumbled in with his staff into a room at a migrant support center with the Salvation Army ready for a chance to get a picture.

But the poor Salvation Army guy couldn’t have imagined what was going to happen next. 

Biden walked up to the man dazed and confused. 

Once Biden started to shake his hand he started to ramble on about secret service in Poland. 

Joe Biden told the Salvation Army worker dressed in a suit that, “I spent some time with the Secret Service in Poland and in Ukraine.”

You could tell the guy didn’t know what the hell to do. 

Would you?

If an old dude walked up to us rambling on about the secret service in Poland, we would try to find him the help he would need and maybe even his handler. 

But this is 2023 in America and here we are with a dementia patient as President of the United States. 

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