Joe Biden told Americans one awful lie about electric vehicles that will haunt him

May 21, 2024

Joe Biden is trying to force every driver in the country behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

But the public isn’t going along with this scheme willingly. 

And Joe Biden told Americans one awful lie about electric vehicles that will haunt him.

Electric vehicles are a centerpiece of Joe Biden’s socialist Green New Deal policies

Electric vehicles have become one of the biggest issues of the 2024 Election.

President Joe Biden has made transitioning the country to them a top political priority of his administration.

He’s become the salesman-in-chief for electric vehicles by frequently touting their alleged virtues to a skeptical public.

The Biden administration has propped up the electric vehicle industry with government subsidies to automakers to produce them and generous tax credits to consumers who buy them.

But no amount of government backing is convincing the public to buy these Bidenmobiles.

Major automakers like Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and General Motors have scaled back electric vehicle goals as buyers give them the cold shoulder.

Electric vehicles are piling up on dealership lots unsold because the public doesn’t want these impractical and expensive Bidenmobiles.

The only way that Biden is going to get the public to switch is to use the government to force them to do it.

Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced in March a new round of tailpipe emission standards for automakers to reduce greenhouse gasses.

To comply with the new rules, automakers’ vehicle lineups would have to be roughly two-thirds electric by 2032.

And the price of the remaining gasoline-powered vehicles would go through the roof.

This would create a de facto electric vehicle mandate for the auto industry and leave customers with no choice but to make the switch. 

Biden’s electric vehicle revolution has a big problem.

It’s deeply unpopular with the public. 

Joe Biden lies about giving Americans the choice of driving the vehicle they want

Former President Donald Trump has been hammering Biden about his electric vehicle agenda on the campaign trail.

And in the crucial swing state of Michigan – home of the American auto industry – the President trails in most public polls this year.

Biden – in a desperate election year stunt – announced new tariffs against Chinese electric vehicles and green energy sources.

The President previously criticized Trump for his use of tariffs against China during the 2020 Election.

Biden lied through his teeth during a speech announcing the new tariffs that Americans will be able to buy their choice of vehicle.

“Americans, I want to make this clear, notwithstanding what the other guy is saying, can buy any kind of car they want, whether it’s gas, electric or hybrid,” Biden said. “But we’re never going to allow China to unfairly control the market for these cars, period.”

Biden knows that electric vehicles are a political liability in an election year, so he’s going to lie about his mandate and have his allies in the media run cover for him. 

This is straight out of the playbook of former President Barack Obama when he said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” during the debate over Obamacare. 

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