Joe Biden told another whopper of a lie that will make you sick to your stomach

Dec 21, 2022

America has never seen a President like Joe Biden. 

Nearly every breath he takes either results in a lie or him jabbering away incoherently.

And Joe Biden told another whopper of a lie that will make you sick to your stomach. 

The President of the United States is supposed to be someone the nation looks up to. 

Biden: a Disgrace to the Presidency

It might not have been the way it was meant to be by our Founding Fathers, but the modern day President of the United States is the ultimate figure-head in the United States. 

As the Commander-in-Chief they are the ones who determine when we go to war and where we go to militarily intervene.  

And domestically, the President sets the blueprint for how the nation is going to manage its affairs and any crisis that may arise. 

In the past we have had Presidents who lived up to the task and were admired by the American people. 

Presidents like Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, and Dwight Eisenhower were admired by the American people for the sacrifices they made for this nation and for the progress they made for our society. 

But today, when you look at the President of the United States, you get to look forward to watching a babbling buffoon who has the same intellectual capabilities as a gnat. 

In any elderly community, Joe Biden would be put on the floor for intensive care and observation. 

He has virtually no ability to function independently, let alone manage the country’s affairs. 

But he makes matters worse, when he does have spurts of energy and intellectual ability and he shocks the world with a coherent and structured sentence, the man knows just enough to tell the biggest lie and whopper you’ve ever heard of. 

Just look at his past comments. 

Joe Biden claimed in the past that he was a lifeguard who fought off a villain called Corn Pop to save the local black community from his evil doings.

And just this past fall, Biden told a stunned crowd in Pennsylvania that there were 54 states. 

He claimed, “That’s why we defeated it in 2018 when they tried to do it. We went to 54 states.”

But of all his gaffes and lies in the past, this is by far the worst one yet.

Biden’s worst lie yet?  Tall task . . .

Joe Biden claimed that he provided his uncle with a Purple Heart after his uncle should’ve received one from fighting in World War II but never had. 

Biden stated, “My dad, when I got elected vice president [in 2008], he said, ‘Joey, Uncle Frank fought in the Battle of the Bulge.’ He was not feeling very well now — not because of the Battle of the Bulge, but he said, ‘and he won the Purple Heart and he never received it. He never got it. Do you think you could help him get it? We will surprise him.’”

Biden rambled on, claiming:

“So I got him the Purple Heart. He had won it in the Battle of the Bulge. And I remember he came over the house and I came out and [my father] said, ‘Present it to him, okay?’ We had the family there.  I said, ‘Uncle Frank, you’ve won this and I wanted to —’ and he said, ‘I don’t want the damn thing.’ No, I’m serious, he said, ‘I don’t want it.’ I said, ‘What’s the matter, Uncle Frank? You earned it.’ He said, ‘Yeah, but the others died. The others died. I lived. I don’t want it.'”

But there is one little problem with Biden’s story about his uncle’s humility – there is no record of his Uncle Frank ever being awarded the Purple Heart in any way. 

On top of that, his Uncle Frank died in 1999 and his Dad died in 2002, well before Biden became Vice President in 2009.

What a slap in the face to veterans for Biden to make up a story of giving the Purple Heart to his uncle who “won” the honored title of being a Purple Heart recipient. 

Biden is such a disgrace to our nation. 

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