Joe Biden turned red with rage when the public gave him this crushing defeat

Nov 15, 2023

Joe Biden is moving at breakneck speed to fundamentally transform the country.

But one of his biggest schemes is getting smacked in the face by reality.

And Joe Biden turned red with rage when the public gave him this crushing defeat.

President Joe Biden is hell-bent on forcing drivers to switch from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric.

His regime has showered the electric vehicle industry with hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies for automakers and tax incentives for buyers to speed up this transition.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a new rule that would require two-thirds of all new vehicles sold be electric by 2032.

Biden’s goal is to quickly phase out the use of gasoline-powered vehicles with government mandates.

This great transition to electric vehicles is facing a revolt from drivers who have no interest in making the switch.

Despite massive government subsidies, consumer demand for electric vehicles is falling as they pile up on dealership lots.

The lack of consumer demand for electric vehicles could cause Biden’s dream of an all-electric future to collapse.

INDUSTRY EXPERTS: Electric vehicle market could collapse from lackluster sales

The government’s massive intervention in the automotive market can’t fix the problems that are causing drivers to balk at buying electric vehicles, according to long-time energy industry consultant David Blackmon.

“This is a classic example of government intervention trying and failing to force market adoption of a technology for which there is little need or real consumer demand,” Blackmon told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Since their inception, EVs have been plagued by several chronic limiters, including range anxiety, lack of infrastructure and non-competitive pricing. Government cannot wish those limiters away, nor force them to disappear with debt-funded subsidies and mandates.”

Electric vehicles are more expensive than their gasoline-powered equivalents, and auto loans are at their highest levels in decades due to rising interest rates.

The Chevrolet Blazer EV is about $20,000 more than the gasoline-powered Blazers, while the Ford F-150 Lightning EV truck costs about $25,000 more than a normal F-150.

Automakers are being forced to lower prices on electric vehicles to draw in consumers, which causes them to lose even more money on them.

Power The Future Communications Director, Larry Behrens, said the electric vehicle market is collapsing despite the government’s efforts to prop it up.

“This is the sad result when Joe Biden throws billions of our dollars at an inferior product that Americans do not want,” Behrens said. “Even with massive taxpayer support in both production and purchase of electric vehicles, these cars are out of reach for families working overtime just to afford groceries. The facts are simple: EVs are not better for the environment and they’re not better for the economy. However, they are wonderful for Joe Biden’s eco-Left friends and that’s why he needed a green ‘slush fund’ such as the Inflation Reduction Act to keep it all afloat.”

Joe Biden’s plan to force drivers into electric vehicles is falling apart despite his best efforts to lure them into one.

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