Joe Biden was completely taken by surprise by OPEC’s decision and may do the unthinkable in response

Oct 10, 2022

After waging war on America’s domestic energy producers, gas and oil prices are skyrocketing like never before.

Joe Biden is so desperate, he begged Saudi Arabia and other nations to increase their oil production.

But Biden was completely taken by surprise by OPEC’s decision and may do the unthinkable in response.

After waging war on American energy for the past two years, Biden and the Democrats are groveling at the feet of foreign dictators and despots to try and lower gas prices.

And they are desperate to lower them before the Midterm elections.

But Biden has one major problem that is of his own making.

Going green has Americans seeing red

That’s because in the mad scramble to institute “green” policies and programs, Democrats have sent the price of just about everything soaring.

And small businesses and blue-collar workers are suffering the brunt of these economy-wrecking decisions.

Despite this, Biden won’t even consider doing the things that could actually work.

He refuses to reopen the pipelines, continues to shut down refineries, and is sticking to his program of banning new oil and gas leases.

These decisions are not mistakes as some pundits say.

Rather they are part of Democrats’ plan to usher in socialism.

But these decisions leave little choice for Biden and the Democrats when it comes to the increasing gas prices.

One choice may be for Biden to go to Venezuela with hat in hand.

“There’s a lot of alternatives,” Biden told reporters in response to whether the U.S. would consider turning to the oil-rich nation of Venezuela. “We haven’t made up our mind yet.”

The President’s comments came one day after OPEC announced it would be slashing oil production by 2 million barrels a day.

The move by OPEC will give an economic boost to oil-producing nations like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the UAE.

But it also means gas prices will likely spike here in the U.S. as stock levels diminish.

And this could be very bad news for Democrats so close to the Midterm elections.

Americans are already upset at the highest inflation in some 40 years and gas prices that are already $1.70 more than when Trump left office.

The solution is simple

Reports have suggested the Biden administration is looking to loosen sanctions on Venezuela in order to allow U.S. oil companies to resume pumping there.

And there are concerns Biden will turn to other American enemies for help keeping prices from going through the roof prior to the elections.

He’s also touting even more green technology such as electric vehicles (EVs) to make up for high gas prices.

But the American people aren’t buying.

Nor are they too accepting of Democrats’ other ideas, which include things like, “don’t drive as much,” “turn down your thermostats,” and of course “eat vegan and get vaccinated.”

All of these ideas are actual pieces of advice from the Biden administration on how to cope with high gas prices.

This all goes to show just how out-of-touch Biden and Democrats are with reality.

Because the fact is, there is a solution to the high price of gas.


Seriously, the solution is simple – vote the Democrats out in November and “Drill, baby, drill!”

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