Joe Biden was furious after a White House leak raised one important question about 2024

Feb 27, 2023

Joe Biden is up to his ears in problems.

His own staff is adding to his woes.

And Joe Biden was furious after a White House leak raised one important question about 2024.

The political future of President Joe Biden was always an open question after he took office.

Given his age – Biden is the oldest President in history – and his obvious mental decline, questions lingered if he would seek a second term.

Biden said that his plan was to seek a second term and appeared to be ramping up to announce his reelection campaign.

Prominent Democrats like former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) endorsed another Presidential bid by Biden.

The media reported that the President was going to use his State of the Union Address as a springboard for the announcement of his reelection at the end of February.

Now, it appears that the expected announcement of Biden’s reelection campaign is on hold while his regime grapples with a series of disasters like the classified documents scandal.

As campaign season for the next Presidential election kicks off, the rumor mill is swirling about Biden’s political future.

Rumors are circulating that Joe Biden may not run in 2024

Joe Biden running for reelection seemed to be almost certain just one month ago.

Now, Politico is reporting that it’s up in the air if the President will seek a second term.

After it was pushed back from February, Biden’s decision on running again is now expected to come in April.

Some White House insiders believe that Biden is certain to run again and is only postponing his announcement to deal with the growing number of disasters facing the regime.

But other insiders are painting a different picture of Biden’s future.

“It’s not that he won’t run, and the assumption is that he will. But nothing is decided and it won’t be decided until it is,” one Biden official told Politico.

Another White House source told Politico that Hunter Biden’s growing legal woes could be causing the President to reevaluate his decision to run.

Biden allies said that the President hardly ever talks about running for reelection and is focused on the current challenges facing his regime.

But the clock is ticking on a decision from the President while his Party begins its preparations for the 2024 elections.

“I just don’t think he can dance around until sometime in the summer,” Democrat strategist Mark Longabaugh said. “Obviously, it creates doubts and problems if he waits and waits and waits.”

A delay in making his decision could leave Democrats in a tough spot for the 2024 election.

The indecision from Biden is leaving the Party scrambling to come up with a Plan B if he steps aside.

Vice President Kamala Harris would be his natural successor, but Democrats think she would be a disaster at the top of the ticket.

Anonymous Democrat sources leaked to the media that they’ve lost all hope in Harris after her catastrophic start to the Vice Presidency.

A long list of candidates are expected to jump into the Democrat Primary if Biden decides to call it quits.

Joe Biden deciding to throw in the towel would be the ultimate curveball in the 2024 election.

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