Joe Biden watched one bad decision backfire and give Donald Trump this 2024 weapon

Jun 18, 2024

Joe Biden is moving at breakneck speed to ram through his socialist agenda.

Now he’s facing the blowback for his hard Left turn. 

And Joe Biden watched one bad decision backfire and give Donald Trump this 2024 weapon.

Joe Biden’s electric vehicles agenda causing union members to back Donald Trump

President Joe Biden has made forcing the country to switch to electric vehicles a centerpiece of his Green New Deal agenda.

This transition is poised to wreak havoc on the American auto industry.

China controls the electric vehicle supply chain from the processing of minerals for their batteries to manufacturing. 

Biden’s push is going to wipe out good-paying American jobs in the auto industry.

Former President Donald Trump is going on the offensive against electric vehicles.

He warned in a March rally in Ohio that a “bloodbath” was coming to the American auto industry if Biden got his way.

Michigan is home to Detroit’s Big 3 automakers.

And it’s one of the most important swing states this year.

Trump winning Michigan would mean that he’s almost certainly returning to the White House.

The powerful United Auto Workers (UAW) endorsed Biden despite his electric vehicle agenda.

But many rank-and-file union members are defecting to Trump because of his opposition to electric vehicles.

UAW members tell CNN why they’re backing Donald Trump

CNN reporter John King traveled to Michigan where he talked with members of the UAW about the election.

UAW member Chris Vitale told King that he was voting for Trump despite his union backing Biden.

“I’ve watched this region go from the arsenal of democracy, now, we’re happy if we can get a sports stadium or we‘re going to sell weed or fireworks or whatever, it‘s absolutely pathetic what we have sunk to now and our politicians just . . . they’re good with it, he isn’t, so that’s the difference,” Vitale said.

Vitale blasted Biden’s electric vehicle agenda as a decision to cater to the coastal elites.

“The government seems to be appeasing the coasts,” Vitale explained. “You know, everyone who lives in Manhattan, thinks everyone should drive an electric car.”

Former UAW President Bob King that things have gotten worse for many of Michigan’s blue-collar workers over the past decade.

“People feel like the government and the establishment hasn’t been delivering for them,” King said. “Is their life better now than it was ten years ago, or worse? For many working people, it’s worse. Their standard of living has deteriorated in some cases, their community has deteriorated.”

Water Robinson – a Biden supporter – said he tried to convince the Trump supporters he works with to back Biden.

He estimated that about 40% of the UAW members he works with are supporting Trump because of the economy and culture war issues.

“Gas prices are still pretty high,” Robinson told CNN’s King. “Food, when you go to the grocery store, every time it’s just me and my wife and it’s $200 every time I go to the grocery store.”

Michigan is neck and neck this year according to polling out of the state.

Autoworkers backing Donald Trump could give him the edge in the evenly divided state.

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