Joe Biden’s bad economy is causing Walmart to make this alarming change

May 10, 2024

The awful Biden economy is causing everyone to make changes.

This includes one of the biggest retailers in the United States. 

And Joe Biden’s bad economy is causing Walmart to make this alarming change.

Walmart introducing a store brand for inflation-battered shoppers

The cost of living has become a crisis after President Joe Biden unleashed the worst inflation in four decades with his reckless spending.

Rising prices at the store are causing more consumers to turn to store brands in order to stretch their dollar further.

Grocery store prices have jumped by 25% since Biden took office – outpacing the rate of inflation – and that’s causing sales of store brands to surge.

Walmart is releasing a new store brand to compete for the business of value-conscious shoppers.

This new store brand called Bettergoods will feature grocery products priced from $2 to $15, with most items coming in under $5.

Bettergoods is the largest store brand launch in 20 years and is the fastest that Walmart has brought one to its stores.

It will differ from the retailer’s existing store brands like Great Value by offering more unique options.

The brand will have 300 products by the fall, including pasta, soups, coffees, snacks, frozen foods, beverages, and dairy products.

Some of the brand’s products have already hit store shelves.

Bettergoods is targeting younger shoppers and those looking to follow the growing health and wellness trend.

The brand will feature plant-based options like oat milk and a “Made Without” line featuring products that are gluten-free or without artificial flavors or colors.

It’s also attempting to attract more upscale shoppers with a “culinary experiences” line that includes products like bronze cut pasta from Italy and creamy corn jalapeno chowder. 

Sky-high inflation under Biden has seen a major influx of customers from households earning $100,000 or more per year to Walmart.

New store brand lets Walmart expand its reach

Customers are more willing to try store brands to save money in the Biden economy.

“The moment your consumers like them, you’ve actually sort of tied them to you because it creates something unique that they can only find on your shelves,” University of North Carolina marketing professor Katrijn Gielens said. “With inflation still lingering, this is the moment to push your private labels to the full. Because this is a time that people are more inclined to try them, and once you try them, repeat quite often follows.”

University of Houston retailing and consumer science professor Olivia Johnson said that Walmart will be able to appeal to a new customer base with Bettergoods.

“I think that overall, consumers are looking for personalization,” Johnson said. “And we see this in grocery a lot, that a lot of consumers want to buy foods based on their own diet.”

Walmart – the largest grocery retailer in the country – has seen competitors like Target and Kroger roll out new lines of store-brand products.

Biden’s inflation is eroding the purchasing power of the dollar, and consumers are having to adjust by choosing the store brand more often.

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