Joe Biden’s border crisis turned deadly with this tragic news

May 3, 2023

The situation at the southern border is a catastrophe.

Biden is putting lives at risk by refusing to enforce immigration laws.

And Joe Biden’s border crisis turned deadly with this tragic news.

The consequences of Joe Biden’s open borders agenda are now a national tragedy after 38-year-old illegal alien Francisco Oropeza – who was deported on four previous occasions – allegedly shot and killed five innocent people, including an eight-year-old boy, in Cleveland, Texas, after neighbors asked him to stop firing a rifle in his yard.

Breitbart reports:

The incident reportedly began shortly before midnight when Oropeza came out of his house in a rural area near Cleveland, Texas, and fired a rifle into the air or into the ground, Capers said. A neighbor then confronted the suspect and asked him to stop the noise as they had an infant trying to sleep.

Oropeza reportedly replied he would do whatever he wanted on his property. Capers said the neighbor then went back into his home and the suspect followed with the rifle.

A massive manhunt is underway and law enforcement officers have warned the public that Oropeza is armed and extremely dangerous.

“Our number one priority,” San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg said, “has been to locate this suspect and put him behind bars where he belongs.”

“We’re still out there trying to find this individual,” FBI Special Agent in Charge James Smith added. “We consider him armed and dangerous and we’re not going to stop until we actually arrest him and bring him into custody.”

The crisis at the border is expected to intensify in the coming weeks.

Title 42 – the Trump-era provision that allows the government to quickly expel illegal aliens back to their home country – is set to expire on May 11.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are waiting for Title 42 to expire because they know the Biden administration will simply release them into America while their asylum claims play out.

This does not even include the disturbingly large number of illegal aliens who will evade capture at the border and make it into the country.

No one knows how many dangerous criminals the group known as “got aways” includes.

Joe Biden’s failure to secure the border is a public safety threat to the American people.

And the deadly repercussions of Biden’s border crisis were on sad display in Texas.

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