Joe Biden’s latest move has millions of illegals aliens smiling ear-to-ear

Jan 31, 2023

Since Biden took office a flood of illegal immigrants has been pouring into the nation. 

Now it looks like many of these illegal aliens are about to get rewarded for breaking the law. 

And Joe Biden’s latest move has millions of illegal aliens smiling ear-to-ear. 

The issue that never fades away

Issues always come and go in this nation and rarely do they last long-term. 

Right now, we’re dealing with crippling inflation that’s really only been a factor for the past two years. 

The American people have only been aware of the horrible acts going on within our children’s schools for just the past couple of years. 

And even the issue of terrorism wasn’t really a thought in many Americans’ minds before 2001.

But illegal immigration has been a non-stop issue arguably since the 1980s. 

Decade after decade, President after President, illegal aliens have been running over our southern border.

And while illegal immigration slowed under President Trump’s efforts to secure the border, nothing seems to stop them. 

Solutions that actually would stop illegal immigration into our nation like a border wall are dead on arrival as the vast majority of politicians we have sent to Washington, D.C. would do everything they can to defeat such a solution. 

So thanks to a lack of competency and action by our “leaders” there are an estimated eleven million illegal aliens throughout the United States. 

And it’s the issue not many people are talking about, but one that should be top of mind for everyone.

But at least up until now, these illegal aliens weren’t being rewarded for their illegal acts too much. 

Sure, there have been times where illegal aliens have been given benefits from the welfare state that we all pay for.

But rights and benefits to illegals haven’t really been granted beyond that. 

Now Joe Biden and his radical administration are set to change all that. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is usually used as a tool to evict these illegal aliens out of the nation that they snuck into. 

But Joe Biden has other more dubious plans for ICE and it’ll make you sick.

Pathway to citizenship in exchange for turning on business owners

A policy change by Biden’s hand-picked border chief Alejandro Mayorkas will give illegals exactly what they want: work authorization and a pathway to citizenship.

What do they need to provide in return for a path down the yellow brick road?

All illegal aliens will have to do is make an accusation that their former employer violated their rights as a worker. 

We can all see how this will work. 

In a statement on the policy change by the Department of Homeland Security, the agency outlined how an illegal alien ready for deportation can accuse a former employer for violating his rights as a worker in exchange for work authorization. 

The DHS stated that, “Requests from noncitizens who are in removal proceedings [for deportation] or have a final order of removal [deportation], upon reviewing the submission for completeness [will be sent] to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to make a final determination on a case-by-case basis.”

You can’t make this stuff up. 

We are now going to use the resources and manpower of ICE to go after American businesses over false allegations instead of focusing on deporting illegals. 

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