John Fetterman made the worst political ad ever seen that should’ve spelled the end of his campaign

Nov 9, 2022

The election results still have many Americans wondering what happened to their nation.

And one of the most puzzling results is the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Just before the election, John Fetterman made the worst political ad ever seen that should’ve spelled the end of his campaign.

Both Republicans and Democrats are puzzled as to what the hell happened during the Midterm elections.

Polls were showing a massive red wave that had Democrats fearful for the future of their party.

But that’s not at all what happened.

2022 Midterms Aftermath

Votes stunned observers as the trend showed a lower than expected Republican turnout.

And this is especially true compared to the 2018 Midterm elections.

The only good sign for Republicans was a better than expected blowout win by Ron DeSantis in Florida.

But one thing that completely caught everyone by surprise was John Fetterman’s Senate victory in Pennsylvania.

It became clear months ago that Joe Fetterman was a few stammered words away from being in a vegetative state.

And his debate performance was worse than anyone could have imagined.

Even Joe Biden was left questioning Fetterman’s cognitive abilities.

He literally started his debate with, “Hi. Good night, everybody.”

And while that’s mostly the result of the stroke he had earlier this year through the Democratic Primary, but even well before his stroke, Fetterman was the village idiot of Pennsylvania politics.

On the eve of the election, both Republicans and Democrats just knew that he was toast against Dr. Oz.

And many people thought the final nail in the coffin for Fetterman’s campaign was this awful campaign ad.

The Worst Ad in American Politics

We all know that famous Coke commercial from the 1970s with “Mean” Joe Greene.

But Fetterman’s remake of that commercial is so cringeworthy it actually hurts to watch.

Can you believe that Republicans lost to this?

Literally one of the worst campaigns in recent politics with a stroke survivor.

But this is what happens when you run people like Dr. Mehmet “Crudité” Oz as a Republican.

His claim to fame is literally lecturing America on mid-day television about their infrequent bowel movements and colon issues.

And on policy he was pro-tranny, pro-gun control, pro-abortion, and bad on nearly every issue you can think of.

So you can’t blame Pennsylvanians for not wanting to support Mehmet Oz.

You should really feel sorry for them as their prime two choices for Senate were a vegetable or a colon doctor.

Hopefully Republicans in Pennsylvania can get their act together and put forward someone decent in six years because it is just embarrassing that you lose to John Fetterman.

But at least on the bright side, Joe Biden now has a buddy in Washington, D.C. who will actually understand what the hell he is talking about.

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