John Kennedy dropped one brutal fact that left Alvin Bragg seething with rage

May 29, 2024

John Kennedy doesn’t pull any punches when he’s dealing with the radical Left.

Now he’s coming for the witch hunt against Donald Trump.

And John Kennedy dropped one brutal fact that left Alvin Bragg seething with rage.

John Kennedy goes off on the lawfare against Donald Trump

Democrats decided that they wanted to contest the 2024 Election in the courtroom as well as the campaign trail.

Former President Donald Trump faced 91 criminal charges against four criminal cases brought by Democrat prosecutors after he announced his latest Presidential campaign.

These rogue prosecutors tried to bury him in an avalanche of bogus charges that were designed to hobble his Presidential campaign to help President Joe Biden.

Special Counsel Jack Smith charged Trump with obstructing an official proceeding using a law that was meant for the destruction of documents passed after the Enron scandal.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought a case that no one in New York history had ever brought before.

Democrats are manufacturing charges because they don’t have any real crimes against Trump. 

U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) was asked by Hannity guest host Pete Hegseth about the historical significance of Democrats weaponizing the justice system.

“In my opinion, Pete, President Biden, and the district attorney have run over America’s political or rather criminal justice system backed up and run over it again,” Kennedy said. “As one commentator put it, how can something so small, allegedly falsifying business records six years ago result in something so big.”

Kennedy said that Americans are seeing through this charade.

“And I’ve concluded, I think most Americans have, that the answer is just craven, grotesque politics,” Kennedy explained. “No person in the Milky Way believes that these charges – falsifying business records – would have been brought against anyone on God’s Green Earth except Donald Trump.”

The Biden Justice Department, Bragg’s predecessor as District Attorney, and New York’s Attorney General wouldn’t touch the case because it was too flimsy to bring to trial.

Kennedy said that Biden and Bragg decided to prosecute Trump because he was running for President as a Republican.

John Kennedy warns about the genie that Democrats have let out of the bottle

“And as I’ve said before, this is the sort of thing that happens in countries whose Powerball jackpot is 287 chickens and a goat,” Kennedy stated. “This is not supposed to happen in America.”

Prosecuting Trump opened Pandora’s Box across the country for politically-motivated prosecutors, according to the Louisiana lawmaker.

“Now that they have done it though, they won’t– they may be the first but they won’t be the last,” Kennedy explained. “They have summoned spirits they can’t control. There are thousands of ambitious prosecutors out there across America, Democrats and Republicans, and their constituents now are going to expect them to prosecute political opponents.”

“President Biden for his own politics has placed the American criminal justice system a** deep in insanity and he– and he and Mr. Bragg got to hide their head in the back. It’s grotesque in my opinion,” Kennedy added.

Democrats have shredded the Constitution and the rule of law to try and destroy Donald Trump.

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