Josh Hawley sounded the alarm on one move Big Tech could make that would upend 2024

Sep 15, 2023

The Left is going to pull out all the stops to keep Joe Biden in the White House.

An emerging technology could be weaponized against conservatives.

And Josh Hawley sounded the alarm on one move Big Tech could make that would upend 2024.  

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) could be the latest game-changing innovation from the tech world.

A closed-door summit was held in Washington, D.C., between Big Tech titans, Union Bosses, and Senators to discuss putting new federal regulations on this emerging technology.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter owner Elon Musk, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai were among the Big Tech leaders who discussed crafting the new regulations.

Musk warned that AI poses a serious threat to humanity and could destroy humankind.

“The consequences of AI going wrong are severe so we have to be proactive rather than reactive,” Musk said. 

AI could be weaponized on the campaign trail if it’s abused by Big Tech.

Josh Hawley warns that Big Tech will use AI to meddle in elections

Josh Hawley (R-MO) is one of the biggest Republican critics of Big Tech in Congress.

After the closed-door meeting, he cautioned letting them “write the rules of the road” for AI regulation because the left-wing Big Tech companies would use the technology to meddle in elections and silence conservatives.

“If Schumer is going to invite all of the nation’s biggest tech CEOs here to the Capitol, this ought to be open to the public,” Hawley said. “These are the people who have tried to rig elections in the past. These are people who suppressed reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop. These are the people who kick conservatives off social media. Now they’re all behind closed doors.”

The participants from the meeting kept the details of what was discussed secret.

“They won’t answer questions in public,” Hawley continued. “They won’t talk to the press. They won’t do anything before the public where you can see it, and now they want to give Congress advice on how to have us help them make more money on AI. And I’m just, I’m just not interested in them.”

According to critics of the technology, AI could be used to create fake videos, pictures, and recordings.

Schumer is calling for bipartisan regulations on AI based on recommendations provided by Big Tech CEOs.

Hawley said that the closed-door meeting was like a “big cocktail party” of bad actors with a history of using Big Tech to target conservatives.

“What we’ve learned is that tech CEOs have worked hand in glove with the Biden White House to censor conservatives, to censor parents, to suppress stories they don’t like,” Hawley told Fox News. “So, those are the people that we’re now going to invite and tell us how to write laws with regard to artificial intelligence? I don’t think so.”

AI could become a powerful weapon used by Big Tech to benefit their Democrat allies.

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