Josh Hawley uttered four words that that left Merrick Garland seething with rage

May 24, 2023

Unprecedented corruption is taking place under Attorney General Merrick Garland’s watch.

Conservatives are pushing to clean up the lawlessness.

And Josh Hawley uttered four words that left Merrick Garland seething with rage.

The fallout from Special Counsel John Durham’s bombshell report is spreading.

The Durham Report revealed that the FBI ran with the widely discredited Steele Dossier to launch its bogus investigation into former President Donald Trump and Russia.

The report was another stain on the FBI’s troubled record of politicization that started after Trump launched his Presidential campaign.

FBI officials released a mealy mouthed statement admitting that the report’s findings were accurate and that they made mistakes.

The FBI has racked up a list of scandals that involve weaponizing the Bureau against conservatives while giving preferential treatment to high-profile Democrats like Hunter Biden.

The mounting scandals have Republicans calling for wholesale change at the FBI.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) said it was time for a “top to bottom house cleaning” at the FBI in the wake of the explosive revelations of the Durham Report.

During an appearance on Fox Business, he told former Trump administration official Larry Kudlow that the FBI’s leadership is in denial about the serious problems in the Bureau.

“What we learned from the Durham Report is the Clinton campaign successfully leveraged the FBI to try and rig a Presidential election in 2016 and they just about got away with it,” Hawley said. “I mean, they just about got it done.”

The election meddling by the FBI continued during the 2020 Presidential election when the Bureau tried to spike the Hunter Biden laptop story.

“We know in 2020 they did successfully interfere in the election suppressing the Hunter Biden story as you’ve just been detailing,” Hawley continued. “So, what needs to change? For one thing, all the leadership has to change. The leadership of the FBI has got to go.”

Despite ample evidence to the contrary, FBI Director Christopher Wray has repeatedly denied that the Bureau has any deep-rooted problems.

“I listened to the director Chris Wray testify time and again that there is no problem at the FBI, that they don’t have a cultural problem. Yeah, they do,” Hawley explained. “They are lying to courts. They’re lying to the American people. There needs to be a thorough top to bottom house cleaning.”

Hawley pointed to a report from the “Twitter Files” that revealed that the FBI paid the social media company millions of dollars to handle its requests.

The FBI warned Twitter about hacked materials involving Hunter Biden that helped set the stage for the company to censor the laptop story.

Hawley said rank-and-file FBI agents were “good folks,” but the leadership is full of politicians who wanted to meddle in elections.

He added that reconfiguring the FBI needs to be on the table after the Bureau interfered in the 2016 election to stop Trump.

After years of scandal, the momentum is building with Congressional Republicans to bring much needed changes to the FBI.

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