Joy Behar’s latest rant against straight men will be one of the dumbest things you have heard in your life

Jan 6, 2023

We all know that ‘The View’ isn’t known for being the Mecca of logical thought. 

But at least their idiocy is a good source of laughter, as you never know what they will blurt out next. 

And Joy Behar’s latest rant against straight men will be one of the dumbest things you have heard in your life. 

Cable television isn’t really filled with thoughtful must-see TV these days. 

Just scrolling through the channels you have Disney, which is nothing more than a basket case of the Left’s propaganda to brainwash your kids. 

Keep on going through the channels you might have the displeasure of turning on MSNBC, which will lower your IQ faster than eating Tide pods. 

But if you are really desperate for the television you might turn on The View

The View: Dumbest Show on TV

It’s really an odd show with not much else like it. 

On its face, the show is really just a gaggle of broads spewing their thoughts with no filters. 

To your average white suburban woman, The View is treated as nothing short of the gospel and must-see tv. 

But to the average American who actually works and doesn’t have time to slog through the hour-long show at 11 in the morning, the show is just a round table of idiots. 

You just never know what you are going to hear. 

Sometimes you might get a civics lesson. 

Who can forget when Joy Behar claimed that “the Supreme Court is poised to pass a bill contradicting the New York City State laws”?

And God help us all if Whoopi Goldberg starts talking about her people. 

The big bag of hot air claimed that the Holocaust was “not about race.”

She continued her comments about the Holocaust claiming, “these are two white groups of people.”

But of all these dumb comments, the harpies managed to say something that still stunned their viewers. 

Joy Behar stuns everyone with her stupidity

While discussing Damar Hamlin’s scary collapse on field, The View threw in their two cents on the matter. 

Co-host Sunny Hostin went on about how her son is too scared to play a man’s sport. 

Other co-hosts like Sara Haines added their thoughts to the conversation. 

Then out of nowhere, Joy Behar blurted out her thoughts like a bellowing hippo. 

As she tried to form a logical thought, Behar claimed, “45% of Americans think that tackle football is appropriate. Heterosexual men voted the most support for kids doing football. And conservatives were more likely to support youth tackle football. Just saying.”

Well, no one really knows what Behar is trying to say. 

Is she trying to insinuate that football is bad because conservatives like football?

Just another asinine statement from Behar. 

It’s really amazing, and scary, that The View is so popular among suburban women. 

But politics makes a lot more sense when you realize that their go-to for information is the gaggle of idiots on The View

Explains why suburban women keep voting for radical leftists and refuse to drop their support of Biden. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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