Kari Lake got hit with a curve ball about late-arriving ballots that turned everything upside down

Nov 11, 2022

The Arizona gubernatorial election is still dragging on.

Counties are continuing to count votes and the margin is razor-thin.

But Kari Lake got hit with a curve ball about late arriving ballots that turned everything upside down.

Still waiting on Arizona . . . 

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is ahead of Lake by about 16,000 votes.

But there are massive delays in the counting.

Maricopa County still has over 428,000 ballots outstanding.

Many of these votes are Election Day drop off ballots that figure to heavily skew Republican.

However, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer and County Board of Supervisor Chairman Bill Gates cannot run a competent election and count ballots in a timely manner.

Even though Florida has multiple times the population of Arizona, the state processes votes smoothly and efficiently and the results are known within hours of the polls closing.

Consequently, no one doubts the integrity of elections in Florida.

Kari Lake blasted Maricopa County for holding on to the ballots dropped off on Election Day as she – as well as many election analysts – believed those votes would put her over the top.

Could be worth the wait

Lake did get some good news from Maricopa County, however.

17,000 ballots were placed in drop boxes on Election Day.

That’s because the incompetent election staff never realized their printers were not working and thus the machines could not read the ballots.

These votes figured to be a massive trove of Lake ballots.

Since Lake won the last round of Election Day votes with 75 percent, the around 300,000 votes remaining in Maricopa County should give her a massive boost.

But Maricopa County is dragging their feet by claiming they cannot count all of these votes until Monday, six days after the election.

Americans should have confidence that their vote counts.

However, states and local jurisdictions taking nearly a week to count votes when other states run elections with military-like precision erodes confidence in the process.

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