Karine Jean-Pierre faced a truth about Joe Biden that sent her running for her life

Feb 3, 2023

Karine Jean-Pierre is one of the most incompetent White House Press Secretaries in history.

Every press briefing is worse than the last, as Jean-Pierre ducks questions, reads from her binder, or just outright lies to reporters.

And then Karine Jean-Pierre faced a truth about Joe Biden that sent her running for her life.

Joe Biden made a point to call the family of Tyre Nichols, the man in Memphis who five black police officers allegedly beat to death.

This incident became a new cause celebre on the Left.

The corporate-controlled media and Democrats quickly tried to whip up a new George Floyd situation to jumpstart the push for national legislation to attack police officers.

Newsmax correspondent James Rosen asked Jean-Pierre why Biden called Nichols’ family to express his sympathies but did not call the family of slain Pennsylvania Police Chief John McIntire, who was shot and killed in the line of duty by Aaron Lamont Swan.

“The event calls into question how the Biden White House goes about deciding which atrocities, which tragedies merit high-level attention from the President or Vice President. So, in addition to Nichols’ funeral, he called the parents of [Buffalo Bills cornerback] Damar Hamlin, an injured NFL player,” Rosen began. “I checked the White House website just before coming into the briefing room today, and I see no indication that the Chief Executive at any time reached out to the family of Justin McIntire, who was the police chief of Brackenridge, Pennsylvania, who was shot to death in the line of duty, a father of four. Why not?”

As usual, Jean-Pierre did not actually answer the question.

“If you look at this President, who has been a Senator for thirty-six years, who has been a Vice President for eight years, and who has been clearly finishing up his two years in the Presidency thus far,” Jean-Pierre answered. “If you know Joe Biden, you know that he feels the pain of many families who have lost loved ones because he knows what that means.”

“You’ve named one family in particular. I understand why you’re naming that family in particular, but there’s been many families that he has called to offer up his condolences and offer up his help and assistance in any way,” Jean-Pierre added.

But what Jean-Pierre did not say is why Biden called Nichols’ family and not McIntire’s family.

Of course, the reason is because Nichols’ death served the Democrat Party’s political narrative since left-wing voters want to defund the police and believe cops are the living embodiment of systemic racism.

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