Karine Jean-Pierre failed to cover up this awful Joe Biden lie

Jul 1, 2024

A Press Secretary’s number one job is playing damage control for the President.

But sometimes that job is impossible.

And Karine Jean-Pierre failed to cover up this awful Joe Biden lie.

Joe Biden’s debate lie blows up in his face

Lies were the only thing Joe Biden could remember to say during his debate with Donald Trump.

And Joe Biden told the most appalling lie in the history of Presidential debates.

At one point in the debate, Biden claimed he was the first President who had no U.S. troops die on his watch.

That was an obvious lie.

A reporter pressed Jean-Pierre on the fact that three troops died in Jordan and 13 more in a suicide bombing at the Kabul Airport during the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden’s never said the names of the 13 soldiers who died in Afghanistan.

Jean-Pierre wasn’t about to start singling them out.

“So, uh, look, um — obviously the president, as you know, is the Commander-in-Chief and you hear him even when he ends all of these remarks, he talks about respecting our troops who are serving today. And he will always do that and continues to do that. And he obviously had his son was — was obviously served as well. So this is something that he respects,” Jean-Pierre began.

“And so, look, I don’t think that’ll ever change. Obviously, our hearts and our thoughts go out to the families who are clearly still suffering and thinking about their loved ones. So we’ll continue to do that and I would refer you to the campaign about specifics about fact-checking and all of those pieces,” Jean-Pierre added.

“But I can speak to a president that has been incredibly respectful of the military and what they do for us day in and day out and how they continue to serve our country,” Jean-Pierre concluded.

The reporter tried a second time, but Jean-Pierre ducked the question again.

“What I will say is the president respects our military force. He respects the families who have lost members of the military. He will continue to do that, he has been very consistent about that, not just as president, but as vice president, as senator,” Pierre stated.

“You hear him talk about the service and how they put their lives on the line every single day to protect us. He always ends his remarks mentioning that, mentioning and lifting up our service members and that’s what I can speak to at this time,” Jean-Pierre continued.

This answer doesn’t sit well with Gold Star families

Darin Hoover is the father of Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover, who was killed at the Kabul Airport suicide bombing.

Staff Sgt. Hoover was only at the airport because Joe Biden foolishly withdrew all U.S. troops before evacuating all U.S. citizens.

Biden then redeployed troops to the airport to safeguard a rescue mission that still left Americans stranded behind Taliban lines.

Darin Hoover told Fox News he was livid watching the debate and seeing Joe Biden lie about his son.

“You know, the stumbling, bumbling buffoon that we have in the White House had the audacity to say that under his watch that no military members have died,” Hoover began.

Hoover said watching Biden lie brought back “the rage, the absolute disgust that I got, from hearing him say that– I started yelling back at the TV. Just out of frustration. He’s never acknowledged, not one time, any of our kids. He’s never said their names. Even to this day, I doubt very seriously that he even knows their names.”

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