Kellyanne Conway is telling Donald Trump to pick this Republican as his running mate

May 20, 2024

Everyone has their own idea about who Donald Trump should pick as his Vice-Presidential nominee.

There is a massive power struggle going on behind the scenes.

And Kellyanne Conway is telling Donald Trump to pick this Republican as his running mate.

Kellyanne Conway pushed Trump to select Tim Scott as his running mate

Donald Trump is the favorite to win the White House.

Trump’s standing in the polls means every Republican would throw their grandmother in front of a moving train to get a ticket, as it means a shot of rocket fuel for a 2028 Presidential campaign.

Kellyanne Conway managed Trump’s winning 2016 campaign.

Conway still retains a place of influence in what’s known as “Trump World.”

And as such, Conway has her own favorite as to who should be Donald Trump’s number two.

Conway’s apparently settled on establishment Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

Scott himself understands Conway’s perch in Trump’s circle of trust and is increasingly relying on her to make the case for him to join Trump on the ticket.

The Daily Beast reported “that Scott has leaned increasingly on Conway as the VP shortlist has winnowed. It’s not a poor strategy: Conway—who helped guide Trump to victory in 2016 before spending nearly four years as a top White House aide—still has the former president’s ear and wields influence with him.”

Conway sees polling data showing an increasing number of black men are open to voting for Trump and has advocated in the past that Trump pick a black or Latino as his running mate.

“And according to three sources familiar with the situation, Conway is game. These sources told The Daily Beast that Scott has availed himself of the Trump confidant’s relationship with the former president, placing his hopes in Conway’s hands and hoping that her advocacy can carry him across the line,” The Daily Beast also reported.

The problems with Tim Scott

Tim Scott is exactly the kind of establishment squish the party rejected by nominating Donald Trump three times.

Scott is a cheerleader for a blank check in Ukraine.

And Scott is the type of Republican who curls up in a fetal position when the Democrats play the race card.

Scott tanked two of Trump’s conservative judicial nominees by smearing them with the race card when the liberal media began attacking them.

And Scott volunteered himself to negotiate a bill that would have put Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in charge of police training standards following the death of George Floyd.

Conway is an influential member of Trump’s inner circle.

But sources close to Trump know Conway’s been known to pitch a bad idea or two.

“Here’s the thing about Kellyanne: people dismiss her for a variety of reasons; she’s not particularly smart and doesn’t really come up with a lot of good ideas, she’s always chasing money and that’s what guides her decision making,” a source close to Trump told The Daily Beast. “But she does have Trump figured out like no one else. If anyone can convince him to make a mistake—and later assign blame to someone else—it’s Kellyanne.”

“[Kellyanne Conway] must have a Trump voodoo doll, cause she just always seems to stick a pin in the right spot and gets him to do what she wants,” the Trump World source added.

Tim Scott as Trump’s running mate looks like it could be another one of Conway’s bad ideas.

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