Kellyanne Conway revealed Karine Jean-Pierre just made this awful mistake

Jun 20, 2024

Competency is not Karine Jean-Pierre’s calling card.

Jean-Pierre’s latest blunder could be her worst.

And Kellyanne Conway revealed Karine Jean-Pierre just made this awful mistake.

Karine Jean-Pierre and Joe Biden’s handlers’ response to alarming videos of Joe Biden freezing up or experiencing other episodes of cognitive failure is to claim the videos are “fakes.”

The hutzpah of asking the American people to believe that raw, unedited footage of Joe Biden’s brain shutting down or freezing are manipulated images is nothing like anyone’s ever seen.

What’s especially misleading about this message is Jean-Pierre won’t say what’s fake about the video.

Jean-Pierre just expects the press to run with the talking point, no questions asked.

Former White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway ridiculed this new messaging strategy in an appearance on Brian Kilmeade’s Fox News radio show.

Conway mocks Jean-Pierre’s “cheap fakes” comments

Conway said the claim that unedited video footage showing Joe Biden’s alarming decline are fakes is a sign of the panic that’s gripped the Biden high command.

It also shows the lengths the press is willing to go to run cover for Biden because they travel with him every day and few have better insight into the truth of his condition.

“It’s terrible because they’re showing us that they’re worried and Karine Jean-Pierre is wrong to tell the press corps, of all people, that these are deep fakes . . . The press corps travels with Joe Biden. They go abroad with him. They watch him in action. Literally. That’s two words ‘in action.’ They watch his inaction in action,” Conway began.

Conway said Jean-Pierre’s insulting the intelligence of the press by ordering them to carry the water on this falsehood that the videos of Biden are fake.

“So that’s the worst group to try to sell these lies to. And she’s got to stop lying from the podium. It’s really odious and onerous, and it’s just wrong… She should not be lying to the American people from the podium. She can talk about Donald Trump all day long. That seems to be their strategy,” Conway added.

But that’s exactly what’s happening. 

Right on cue, CBS ran a segment in the Evening News amplifying the falsehood that the videos showing Biden’s severe cognitive decline can’t be trusted.

Conway says the message is a failure

Conway told Kilmeade that Jean-Pierre could try and pretend that all of Joe Biden’s policy failures were historic successes.

“She can pretend that the Chips Act is the greatest accomplishment ever, and that the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan that even the generals and Joe Lieberman and folks like that were against, that that was all great,” Conway added.

Conway said Jean-Pierre could try and pull the wool over the eyes of the public in trying to make them think Kamala Harris was ready to take over as President.

“She could pretend Kamala Harris is competent and confident and not a cackler and an invader, and hasn’t turned the vice presidency of the United States into a no-show job. There’s usually nothing on her public schedule of any kind of note. She’s my neighbor here in Washington. Her motorcade is never in my way, and I’m not even sure when she works and where she works,” Conway continued.

But Conway said the one tactic that was bound to fail is asking the American people to disbelieve what they see about Joe Biden’s physical and mental state with their own two eyes.

“She can do all those things, but don’t lie to us about what we see with our own two eyes. And everybody in this country knows someone or knows someone who knows someone who’s had an elderly relative. He’s just lost a couple steps. Paul Ryan said it last week on Fox News Channel. This is not the Joe Biden I debated in 2012, is what he said. He’s totally different. Senators say that,” Conway declared.

“Okay, so that’s fine, but give the man grace and pity, not a second term as President of the United States at a very dangerous time. This guy got us into two new wars,” Conway concluded.

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