Kevin McCarthy just dropped a bombshell about Donald Trump that will change everything

Jan 17, 2023

Donald Trump is running for re-election and is once again the center of American politics.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is one of Trump’s allies.

And Kevin McCarthy just dropped a bombshell about Donald Trump that will change everything.

The corporate-controlled media is trying to excuse Joe Biden stealing classified documents by creating a false equivalency with the FBI raiding Mar-a-Lago over a librarian throwing a temper tantrum over a Presidential Records Act dispute.

A reporter tried to press this point with McCarthy.

“Do you see a difference in that former President Trump denied repeated requests for all of his classified documents for more than a year? And President Biden’s lawyers turned in documents after finding them?” the liberal reporter asked McCarthy.

McCarthy rejected the premise, noting that federal authorities knew Trump had the documents – which Trump said he declassified – at Mar-a-Lago and asked Trump to add a secure lock to the room where Trump housed the documents.

“No, because from one standpoint, they knew the documents were there. They actually asked President Trump to put another lock on, so they were locked,” McCarthy responded.

McCarthy then pointed out the absurd double standard where Biden deployed the FBI to raid Mar-a-Lago whereas Biden’s own lawyers hunted around for Biden’s stolen classified documents and hid the knowledge of Biden’s theft until after the Midterm elections.

“Did he utilize the Justice Department to raid President Trump? Do you think that was right? They knew this had happened to President Biden before the election, but they kept it a secret from the American public. He goes on 60 Minutes, criticizes President Trump even, knowing what he has done. And he wasn’t President at the time,” McCarthy added.

McCarthy continued on, hammering Biden over his lawyers now admitting Biden hid stolen classified documents in multiple locations including in a box next to his car in the garage of his Delaware home.

“Now we find another location that it’s at, but he refused to answer. His Press Secretary won’t answer the questions. You watched them leak photos of sitting out files of President Trump. Where is the photos of President Biden’s documents? Where are those photos at? He knowingly knew this happened going into election, going into interviews,” McCarthy stated.

Finally, McCarthy explained this fit a pattern of deceit by Joe Biden going back to the 2020 campaign and the Hunter Biden laptop story when Biden lied about the laptop being Russian disinformation.

“And what I’m finding what’s happened with President Biden time and again, you go from a laptop saying it not only that it wasn’t true, but utilizing your own friends to go into companies, to tell them to say the same thing, to try to knock down information, to try to make sure the New York Post story couldn’t be printed,” McCarthy declared.

Joe Biden’s stolen document scandal is not going away anytime soon.

And the corporate-controlled media’s attempt to compare Joe Biden to Donald Trump collapsed.

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