Kevin McCarthy shut down CNN after this one question about Tucker Carlson

Mar 2, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is trying to set the record straight about January 6.

This led to outrage in the Fake News Media.

And then Kevin McCarthy shut down CNN after this one question about Tucker Carlson.

Left-wing media outlets like CNN ranted and raved after the fact that Speaker McCarthy granted exclusive access to the 41,000 hours of security camera footage from the Capitol on January 6 to Tucker Carlson and his producers.

CNN’s Manu Raj confronted McCarthy over the exclusive and repeated left-wing talking points about Carlson downplaying what happened on that day.

“Are you not at all concerned about the fact that Carlson is downplaying this attack? You thought it was a serious attack,” Raju asked McCarthy.

“A very serious attack,” Speaker McCarthy responded.

“Then why give it to someone who downplayed it?” Raju followed up.

McCarthy explained that transparency is important and there was no reason for Nancy Pelosi to keep the security footage under lock and key for two years.

“Because I think sunshine matters. I don’t care what side of the issue you are on. That’s why I think putting it all out to the American public, you can see the truth, you can see exactly what transpired that day and everyone can see the exact same [footage],” McCarthy stated.

Over the last two years, the corporate-controlled media carefully crafted a narrative about Donald Trump allegedly whipping up a bloodthirsty mob to launch an insurrection to overthrow the government on January 6.

Left-wing media outlets are petrified that McCarthy giving Carlson access to the footage will obliterate the “official” version of events they presented to the public.

A cabal of left-wing media organizations wrote a letter to McCarthy demanding access to the tape archive.

“Without full public access to the complete historical record, there is concern that an ideologically-based narrative of an already polarizing event will take hold in the public consciousness, with destabilizing risks to the legitimacy of Congress, the Capitol Police, and the various federal investigations and prosecutions of Jan. 6 crimes,” the letter from CNN, CBS, POLITICO, and other left-wing media outlets read.

January 6 proved to be a potent political weapon for Democrats in the 2022 elections.

And now Democrats are worried that Tucker Carlson reporting on the truth of the January 6 security camera footage will deprive them of one of their main talking points in the 2024 Presidential contest.

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