Kimberly Guilfoyle took everyone by surprise with this bold 2024 prediction

Feb 23, 2023

Donald Trump was hoping for a rematch against Joe Biden in 2024.

But one candidate may completely upend the race.

And Kimberly Guilfoyle took everyone by surprise with this bold 2024 prediction.

The 2024 Presidential race is underway and candidates are starting to jockey for position.

Given his age and obvious mental decline, President Joe Biden’s political future was always murky at best.

Already the oldest President in history, Biden would be 86 years old at the end of his second term.

After two tumultuous years as President and plummeting approval ratings, it appeared that Democrats could pull the plug on Biden for 2024.

A majority of voters in the Democrat Party have consistently said in polling that they don’t want him to be their next Presidential nominee.

After the Midterm elections, the Democrat establishment began rallying around Biden for his reelection bid.

The President’s growing classified documents scandal and continued concerns about his age are fueling renewed speculation about his future.

Kimberly Guilfoyle predicts that her ex-husband will challenge Joe Biden

Former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle has a unique connection to one of the top Democrats on any shortlist to replace Joe Biden.

Guilfoyle was married to California Governor Gavin Newsom when he first began climbing the political ladder as Mayor of San Francisco.

The couple filed for divorce in 2005. 

But during an appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show, Guilfoyle predicted that Newsom would challenge Joe Biden in the Democrat Presidential Primary next year.

“Do I think?” Guilfoyle began. “I know he’s going to run for President,” she continued, before adding that “he’s always wanted to be President of the United States.”

She said becoming President is something that Newsom “wants very badly.”

“I think you’re going to see Gavin Newsom versus Donald J. Trump running against each other for President,” Guilfoyle predicted. “Father-in-law and ex-husband!”

Guilfoyle, who is engaged to Donald Trump, Jr., is expected to play a role in former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign.

Newsom has previously made moves that indicated a challenge to Joe Biden could be on the table.

The California Governor raised eyebrows when he spent money from his 2022 gubernatorial reelection campaign on ads attacking Ron DeSantis in Florida.

Starting a feud with DeSantis was seen as a way of building his profile with Democrat Primary voters since the Florida Governor is their latest boogeyman.

Newsom also attacked Governor Greg Abbott over the state’s laws on guns and abortions with a series of newspaper ads in Texas that drew national attention.

Despite positioning himself for a potential Presidential bid, Newsom denied that he had any political ambitions beyond California.

“Not happening, no, no, not at all,” Newsom told a reporter last year about a potential 2024 run. “It’s humbling. It is sweet. It’s a nice thing to be asked. I mean it, and I never trust politicians, so I get why you keep asking.”

Of course, Newsom would hardly be the first politician to break their word about running for higher office.

Gavin Newsom’s potential entry into the Democrat Presidential Primary would turn the race upside down by giving voters a real alternative to the unpopular Joe Biden. 

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