Kristi Noem just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with these three words

Dec 30, 2022

It’s become very clear that the crisis at America’s southern border is worse than ever.

Many believe most of the problem is a result of Biden Administration policies.

And Kristi Noem just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with these three words.

The deplorable conditions at our southern border are getting worse by the day.

And many people believe Joe Biden is just not aware how bad things truly are.

They keep demanding he go to the border to see things for himself.

But for at least some, the border crisis is actually part of a master plan to completely remake the U.S.

Kristi Noem called out Joe Biden

South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem recently appeared on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends and said President Joe Biden is “destroying our border” on “purpose” to “remake” the country.

Noem also pointed out what most Americans are very aware of and said, “It’s not a Governor’s job. It’s the federal government’s job to secure our border.” 

The popular GOP Governor made it very clear that while border state Governors like Texas Republican Greg Abbott are doing what they can, the buck ultimately stops with Joe Biden.

“Greg Abbott is doing what he needs to do down there, spending billions of dollars a year to secure the border because of the failure of the Biden Administration,” Noem said.

But unlike some politicians Noem made it very clear what she believes is really going on at the border.

“This isn’t unexpected. This isn’t something that they didn’t foresee happening. This is on purpose. This is on purpose that they are destroying our border because they want to remake this country into something that is not built on the trust that our Founders gave people themselves,” Noem added. 

The Founders didn’t envision this

Noem was willing to go on the record publicly and state what most Americans already know that the border crisis has been manufactured by Biden, Congressional Democrats, and the radical Left.

They are doing so to further throw the nation into chaos and violence, not caring how many people die in the process.

In fact, this is all part of the radical socialist agenda to usher in a national socialist government.

Unfortunately, too many weak-kneed Republicans are just as guilty, even if not for the same reasons.

And the problem is finding enough elected officials to step up and fight back.

As Noem said, “Listen, personal responsibility was something that our Founders wanted to give to the people of this country. They wanted them to be able to defend themselves, to make choices for their families, to be able to have liberty and freedom. They didn’t envision what Joe Biden wants for this country.”

And many Republicans are claiming to fight back, but only by forging compromises that advance the Democrats’ goals.

Many times, they do this thinking it is “the only way” but for many of them that is just a weak excuse.

Noem is right, the Founders never envisioned a President and Congress whose main goal was to shred the Constitution and destroy the republic.

It is the Communist blueprint for takeover

Governor Noem continued, “The Biden administration is doing this on purpose. I think it’s time that the American people, whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or not even political that you, recognize that what this president is doing is trying to remake America.”

Very few politicians are willing to call out Biden and the Left for their clear actions to destroy the nation.

Far too many elected officials are afraid of the backlash of calling a communist a communist.

And they are far too cowardly to point out the very clear effort to remake the nation as a socialist “paradise.”

For these politicians it is “unseemly” to tell the truth if it means pointing out that everything Biden and the Democrats are doing is part of a plan.

In fact, for anyone who has ever read Lenin, Marx, Stalin, or the other communist leaders and strategists, the crisis at the border is all part of the master plan.

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