Laura Ingraham dropped the hammer on CNN for this sick attack on Oliver Anthony

Aug 25, 2023

Country artist Oliver Anthony’s hit song Rich Men North of Richmond is taking America by storm.

But the media is already plotting to take him down.

And ​​Laura Ingraham dropped the hammer on CNN for this sick attack on Oliver Anthony.

Viral sensation Oliver Anthony went from total obscurity to setting music history in a matter of weeks with his blue-collar anthem Rich Men North of Richmond.

The song, which skewers the corrupt political class, high taxes, and welfare, touched a chord with conservative listeners.

Prominent conservatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake shared the song on social media and helped it go viral.

Anthony made musical history when his viral hit debuted at number one on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 chart.

He became the first artist in Billboard history to have a song debut at number one without having any prior songs to make the charts.

Rich Men North of Richmond turned the former factory worker into an overnight celebrity.

Of course, the song’s popularity with conservatives caused the media to lash out at Anthony and his music.

Rolling Stone disparaged the song by calling it a “right-wing screed.”

Like the hit movie Sound of Freedom, Anthony’s song is a work in popular culture that bypassed the gatekeepers in the media and entertainment industry and achieved massive success out of nowhere with the help of conservative audiences.

The media is confused and angry at Anthony’s success.

Laura Ingraham torches CNN for attacking Oliver Anthony

Fox News host Laura Ingraham gave CNN a reality check after the poorly rated cable news network lamented the fact that conservatives were breaking free from the left-wing dominated popular culture.

“The venomous crew over at CNN is clearly seething over the breakout success of those establishing their own counterculture,” Ingraham said. “The Left is so used to having a monopoly aren’t they in music and in film, theater, even sports, that they start to sputter and fume at any perceived encroachment by non-wokesters.”

CNN media commentator Oliver Darcy whined that conservatives are so “primed to loathe mainstream pop culture and the media that they’re willing to open their pocketbooks to champion their politics.”

Darcy said that Anthony’s success “could spell the end of a shared popular culture similar to how the advent of right-wing talk radio and Fox News ultimately spelled the end of a shared understanding of current events.”

Ingraham pointed out that the Left “ruined” the news, which allowed Fox News and talk radio to thrive.

She said the country had a shared popular culture at one point in the past, but the Left spent decades destroying it.

“Half of the country isn’t listening to those fools,” Ingraham said. This opens the door to new voices in politics and new voices in the culture who want to create a movement and, in this case, want to create music and then films, plays, and even businesses for the underserved. As for the consumers, what do they do? They boycott woke nonsense at places like Target, Bud Light, or they support outsider films like The Sound of Freedom or musicians like Oliver Anthony.”

Oliver Anthony’s overnight success is a sign that conservatives are ready to throw their support behind pop culture that shares their values. 

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