Laura Ingraham revealed one truth about 2024 that Democrats are terrified to admit in public

Mar 2, 2023

Democrats are being forced to face reality about Joe Biden running for reelection.

That’s leading to some uncomfortable conversations among Party leaders.

And Laura Ingraham revealed one truth about 2024 that Democrats are terrified to admit in public.

President Joe Biden’s political future has always been murky at best since he occupied the White House.

The 80-year-old is already the oldest President in history and is suffering from serious mental decline.

Before last year’s Midterm elections, it appeared that the Democrat Party was ready to pull the plug on Biden for 2024.

But the Party’s unexpected success in the elections led the Democrat establishment to rally around the unpopular President.

Biden was expected to launch his Presidential reelection campaign in February, but a series of crises indefinitely postponed it.

Buyers’ remorse is once again setting in with Democrats about Biden being the Party’s 2024 nominee.

Questions about his age and stamina on the campaign trail next year are growing among Democrat insiders.

Now, the Party is once again fretting about Biden being at the top of the ticket.

Laura Ingraham points out that Democrats are panicking about Biden in 2024

Fox News host Laura Ingraham took notice of the panic setting in for Democrats about Biden running for reelection.

“Now journalists with top Democrat Party sources – they’re reporting about the worry within the Party that’s building,” Ingraham said. “A few weeks ago, it was Jonathan Martin noting that senior Democrats worry Biden is too old for a second term. And today it was Mark Leibovich in The Atlantic also noting the worry the Democrats have in private about Biden’s age and wishing he’d step aside.”

The whisper campaign in the press is underway from anonymous high-level Democrat sources who are sounding the alarm about Biden’s age.

“The public silence around the President’s predicament has become tiresome and potentially catastrophic for the Democratic Party,” Ingraham continued.

Despite Biden’s age and unpopularity, Democrats may be stuck with him for the 2024 election.

“There’s also a very real concern about Kamala Harris,” Ingraham said.

Vice President Kamala Harris is an absolute disaster with terrible political instincts and gaffe-filled public appearances.

Democrat insiders have leaked to the media that she’s not up to the task of being the Party’s Presidential candidate.

Politico columnist Jonathan Martin reported that some anonymous Democrats are worried about Biden’s age but feel they have no choice but to stick with him because Harris is waiting in the wings.

“Since it’s possible, of course, that Biden wouldn’t be able to finish a second term, former Clinton lawyer Greg Craig writes Biden should tell his Party that he’ll not dictate who will be his running mate, but instead leave it up to the delegates to pick the person who is best equipped to take on that task.”

Craig suggested that because of Biden’s age, delegates should pick his Vice President as a not-so-subtle attempt to dump Harris.

“Now, wait a sec. Wait a second. Are they implying that it should be necessary? Understudy Kamala Harris isn’t prepared for the leading role?” Ingraham concluded.

The Democrat Party is stuck between a rock and hard place with Joe Biden for the 2024 election.

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